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The Papers of Lawrence Morgan Cox, Sr.

Container List Series VII

Series VII: Artifacts

Most of these are located in the remote storage area, and the multimedia items are located in the Multimedia area of the Special Collections processing room.

Box 251

1. 12x18 Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority- First Closed-Mortgage Revenue Bond Certificate
2. 91/2x 15 City of Memphis Certificate of Honorary Citizenship. March 1967.
3. 12x18 American Public Works Association Certificate of Membership L. Cox (1969)
4. 8x10 picture (framed) in plastic bag. Peruvian Ambassador & L. Cox Washington D.C. June 1958
5. 14x12 framed "note" to L. Cox from D.A. Doxiadis
6. 12x16 framed- Cox University Homecoming Day, Norfolk, VA- Oct. 1, 1965- Has signature and lists homecoming activities
7. 12x18 Certificate and Coupons- Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority Nov. 26, 1961
8. Framed City of Norfolk Business Appreciation Award to Lawrence M. Cox.
9. Certificate- Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority 1 Aug. 1992- New Housing Authority Bond (First Issue)
10. Framed Picture of D.C. Uptain, Dr. Von Braun, Mr. L. M. Cox, Mr. U.S.S. Porter
11. Framed Certificate of Recognition- Lawrence M. Cox from governor
12. NAHRO resolution 25th year 10/74
13. The Hampton Roads Area of the Virginia Section of the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Planners Award to Lawrence M. Cox.

Box 252

Maps and Pictures from a Norfolk Display- Fragile

Box 253

1. Large black scrapbook (very brittle)
2. Large green scrapbook (includes photos)
3. Large brown book

Box 254

1. Certificate- "The Flag of the United State of America"
2. The College of William and Mary in Norfolk, Virginia folder
3. Record book (red)
4. 2 packs playing cards in black case (College of William & Mary in Norfolk- Silver Anniversary)
5. Viewer
6. "On My Honor Old Dominion University Honor Council" button
7. Pass card- Norfolk division- William and Mary Stadium- area East
8. Wrapped in tissue paper:
9. American flag
10. Green hat with "WM" orange initials, with label (Frances Daniels (McCraw)) 1954
11. Sweater
12. "Save ODU" T-shirt 1970
13. W&M Norfolk T-shirt
14. Plaque- Old Dominion College 1930

Box 255

1. 19 x 21 framed picture of George Bonney (spelling unclear)
2. 20 x 26 framed- VA Housing Development Authority Resolution of Recognition & Appreciation for Lawrence M. Cox, June 15, 1982
3. 1 large empty envelope
4. Misinformation Vintage '49 Poster (2 quantity)

Box 256

1. 9 x 20 framed picture (boy and girl silhouette)
2. 12 x 19 City of Birmingham Alabama Honorary Citizen 26 Sept. 1969
3. 14 x 20 framed - American Airlines, Inc. Commissions- L. m. Cox an "Admiral of the Flagship Fleet"- 3rd day Oct 1960- signed by C R Smith Fleet Admiral.
4. 1 Singapore (paper) Dollar and coins.
5. Commonwealth of Virginia appointment and commission- Lawrence M. Cox by Governor- 26 July 1976
6. Photo- National Association of Housing Officials- Olympic Hotel Seattle- October 13-16, 1948.

Box 257

1. Brown notebook containing 1969 Testimonial Letters on Cox's appointment to HUD
2. Black notebook: Daughters of the Confederacy, Mrs. W. R. Cox
3. Aviator's Flight Logbook, Lawrence Cox, 1929-30
4. Checkbook cover: Guaranty Trust Company of New York
5. Bumper Sticker: "Go Go Godwin"
6. Bumper Sticker: "Elect Godwin, Pollard, Button"
7. Sylvania Tru-focus Projection Lamp
8. Sawyer's Transformer, Model F
9. Framed Certificate: National Association of Housing Officials, Lawrence Cox elected to Board of Governors, 1950-53
10. Plaque: The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, Appreciation to Lawrence Cox, President 1949

Box 258

1. Pouch: National Association of Realtors, 1990 Annual Convention & Trade Exposition,
2. New Orleans Pouch: 57th Annual Conference of Mayors, June 16-21, 1989, Charleston, South Carolina
3. Cloth Mailing from Peru
4. Fish Windsock
5. Plate: "Dos hijas y una madre tres diablos para un padre"
6. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Banner (cloth)
7. Patch: NAHRO Southeastern Council, President 1948-49
8. Patch: Navy Wings
9. Sticker: National Airlines
10. Nametag: Kennedy Space Center, NASA, for the launch of Apollo 12
11. Nametag: National Association of Housing Officials
12. Nametag: NAHRO National Convention, October 13-16, 1985
13. Nametag: NAHRO 1967
14. Press Card: Armed Forces Press Center, MacArthur Funeral

Box 259

1. Monogrammed Brown Notebook
2. Black Scrapbook "Book I. July 31, 1940 - December 31, 1940
3. Green Scrapbook "Book II. January 1, 1941 - September 15, 1941
4. Brown Scrapbook of 1940's Housing Projects
5. Oversize Newspaper Clippings (extremely fragile)

Box 260 (Multimedia)

(** Located in Processing Room with other Multimedia Items)

1. Record (45 speed): 1969 Music from Greece
2. Cassette Tape: L. m. Cox, NAHRO Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 26, 1970
3. Cassette Tape: untitled
4. Micro Cassette Tape: The United States Conference of Mayors, 1st Part: Kemp before
5. Conf. Of Mayors in Early '89; 2nd Part: Portion of Convention with Cousin Louize (sp?), June 1989
6. Reel-to-Reel Tape: James Rouse Speech, Pittsburgh, April 18, 1961
7. Reel-to-Reel Tape: M-W Symposium, Lawrence Cox
8. Reel-to-Reel Tape: Practicing Law Institute, July 30, 1964

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