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Robert Morton Hughes Collection


Robert Morton Hughes was born on September 10, 1855, in the house of his mother's adoptive parents, Gov. John B. Floyd and Sally Preston Floyd at Abingdon in southwestern Virginia. Through his parents, Robert W. Hughes and Eliza Johnston Hughes, he was related to many of Western Virginia's prominent families, including the Prestons, Johnstons, Mortons, and Floyds. Hughes lived in Washington, D.C. and Richmond while still a child but spent most of his early life in Abingdon. He was educated there, largely by private tutors.

Hughes entered the College of William and Mary in 1870 at the age of 15 and graduated with an A. B. degree in 1873. His association with William and Mary would continue throughout his adult life. Hughes served on the college's Board of Visitors from 1893 to 1918 and was rector from 1905 to 1918. He was also an active fundraiser for the college and was instrumental in the establishment of its Marshall-Wythe School of Government and Citizenship. In 1920 his grateful alma mater awarded him an honorary doctor of laws degree while in 1959 the library of the Norfolk branch of William and Mary (now Old Dominion University) was named in his memory.

Hughes also attended the University of Virginia where he studied law and earned a M.A. degree in 1877. After being admitted to the bar this same year, Hughes set up practice in Norfolk, Virginia, where he would continue to work until his retirement in 1920. His specialty was admiralty law. Hughes was elected president of the Virginia Bar Association in 1895 and of the Norfolk and Portsmouth Bar Association in 1907. In 1926 he was appointed by the Governor to a special commission created to suggest revisions to the Virginia constitution.

Hughes was a lifelong Republican, following the lead of his father who had been one of the first prominent Virginians to turn Republican during the Reconstruction period. This affiliation would not prove very rewarding for him. An unsuccessful Republican candidate for congress in 1902 and 1904, Hughes also failed in several attempts to be appointed to federal judgeships, beginning in 1897 when he sought to succeed his father as a judge in the district court at Norfolk, Hughes was a staunch conservative and the last years of his life found him ardently opposing the New Deal in general and Roosevelt's attacks on the Supreme Court in particular.

While Hughes never held elective office he served his community in many other ways. Besides his long tenure on the Board of Visitors of William and Mary, he sat on the Board of Directors of the Norfolk Public Library from 1912 to 1938--he was president after 1921--and was a member of the State Board of Education from 1930 until 1935 when he resigned because of failing health. Hughes was also an active member of Christ Church (Episcopal) in Norfolk where he served as a vestryman from 1884 to 1928.

Hughes' major avocation, especially in later life, was that of amateur historian. His main interest was Virginia history and, within this field, the roles played by members of his own family. He felt particularly duty bound to defend the reputations of two close relatives: Gov. John B. Floyd (1806-1863), his adoptive maternal grandfather, and Gen. Joseph E. Johnston (1807-1891), U.S.A., C.S.A., his maternal great uncle. Johnston had in fact asked Hughes to write his official biography, a work which was published by Appleton in 1893. As a result of his commitment Hughes expended much time and energy writing articles and letters refuting "incorrect" statements by various authors which had directly or indirectly denigrated the careers or questioned the integrity of either man.

Robert Morton Hughes died on January 15, 1940. He was survived by his wife - Mattie L. Smith Hughes, a son - Robert M. Hughes, Jr., and two grandchildren -Robert M. Hughes III and Carolyn Wright Hughes. A second son, Sydney Smith Hughes, had died in 1923.

Scope and Contents

The Hughes papers range in dates from 1767 to 1950 with the bulk of the papers falling between 1860 and 1938. The collection includes the correspondence of Robert M. Hughes and his relatives; drafts of Hughes' biography of General Joseph E. Johnston; Hughes' historical writings; business papers; political papers; photographs; scrapbooks and memorabilia.

Series Descriptions

The Hughes collection is divided into 14 series:

  • Series I: Personal Correspondence includes R. M. Hughes' correspondence from 1866 to 1939.
  • Series II: Financial Records includes R. M. Hughes' bills, tax receipts and deeds.
  • Series III: Speeches includes R. M. Hughes' speeches on historical, legal, political and literary topics.
  • Series IV: Writings includes R. M. Hughes' writings, both published and unpublished, on political, legal and historical topics.
  • Series V: Legal Practice includes a certificate to practice law in Virginia, correspondence and other papers related to Hughes' legal practice from 1877 to 1924.
  • Series VI: Politics includes material related to Hughes' involvement in Virginia Politics.
    • Sub series A: Correspondence covers the years 1880 to 1939.
    • Sub series B: Applications for Judgeships consists mostly of correspondence from R. M. Hughes and others on his behalf regarding his efforts to be appointed to a federal judgeship. Covers the years 1897 to 1911.
    • Sub series C: General includes background material on Hughes, newspaper clippings and political scrapbooks dated 1902-3 and 1928-9.
    • Sub series D: Virginia Constitutional Commission includes Hughes' correspondence and articles regarding his participation on the Virginia Constitutional Commission from 1926-1929
  • Series VII: Education includes material on Hughes involvement in education, particularly his association with the College of William and Mary.
    • Sub series A: College of William and Mary consists mostly of correspondence from 1878 to 1941, includes correspondence regarding the Norfolk Branch of the College of William and Mary dated 1925-1941.
    • Sub series B: University of Virginia includes correspondence and other materials dated 1884-1938.
    • Sub series C: State Education Commission includes correspondence and other material dated 1927-1928.
    • Sub series D: State Board of Education includes correspondence and other material regarding Hughes' tenure on the State Board of Education 1930-1935.
  • Series VIII: Memorabilia includes certificates, mementos from William and Mary, a memorial volume for Harvey Laird Wilson, and memorial pamphlets (1855-1940).
  • Series IX: Pictorial Records include photographs, drawings and engravings.
  • Series X: Family Papers includes family information and correspondence.
    • Sub series A: General includes a partial family tree and other information on the Hughes, Johnston, and Preston families.
    • Sub series B: Judge R.W. Hughes (father of R. M. Hughes) includes correspondence from 1840-1902. (3 boxes)
    • Sub series C: Eliza Johnston Hughes contains correspondence from 1843-1901. (2 boxes)
    • Sub series D: Charles C. Johnston (R. M. Hughes' Maternal Grandfather) correspondence from 1824-1831 (8 documents)
    • Sub series E: Eliza Preston Johnston (R. M. Hughes' Maternal Grandmother) correspondence from 1821-1827 (9 documents)
    • Sub series F: Governor John Floyd includes one document only, a letter to the Governor of New York regarding fugitive slaves, dated 1832
    • Sub series G: John B. Floyd (son of Governor John Floyd and R. M. Hughes' adoptive maternal grandfather) includes correspondence from 1831-1863.
    • Sub series H: Sally B. Preston Floyd (R. M. Hughes' adoptive maternal grandmother) includes correspondence dated 1839-1879 (12 documents)
    • Sub series I: Edward Johnston includes correspondence dated 1847-1848 (2 documents)
    • Sub series J: John Preston Johnston (R. M. Hughes' maternal uncle) includes correspondence dated 1837-1845 (26 documents)
    • Sub series K: General Joseph E. Johnston (R. M. Hughes' maternal uncle) includes correspondence related to the civil war, correspondence with General James Longstreet and General Jubal Early, correspondence with relatives, accounts of civil war battles, and a rough draft of his memoirs. (1836-1924)
    • Sub series L: Various Relatives includes correspondence dated 1787-1858 of John Preston and Francis Preston (17 documents), Sarah Campbell Preston (9 documents), Letitial Floyd (1 document), and William Radford (3 documents).
    • Sub series M: Robert M. Hughes, Jr. includes correspondence dated 1921-1950, and miscellaneous publications dated 1941-1946.
  • Series XI: Historical Studies includes R. M. Hughes' studies of the Civil War period and the place of some of his relatives in Virginia history.
    • Sub series A: Governor John B. Floyd includes material on Floyd's views and actions at the start of the civil war and correspondence regarding Hughes' historical writings. (1888-1937)
    • Sub series B: General Joseph E. Johnston includes copies of letters to Johnston, newspaper articles, correspondence between Johnston and Hughes regarding the writing of Johnston's memoirs, and correspondence with publishers regarding Johnston's biography. (1891-1939)
    • Sub series C: Civil War Topics includes writings by Hughes, correspondence regarding treatment of Civil War issues in Muzzey's history textbook. (1907-1936)
    • Sub series D: Virginia History includes materials regarding various aspects of Virginia history
    • Sub series E: General includes correspondence on various historical topics and newspaper clippings. (1890-1939)
  • Series XII: Index Cards for letters once owned by R. M. Hughes
  • Series XIII: Miscellaneous includes proceedings of the Research Club (1914-1920), correspondence, writings, and scrapbooks.
  • Series XIV: Oversized Materials includes certificates, diplomas, and scrapbooks focused on the Civil War and Spanish-American War.


Gift of the Hughes Family, 1978.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


42 Hollinger flat document cases and 4 oversize boxes

Collection Number

MG 7

Container Listing

Box 1

Series I: Personal Correspondence

Folder 1 General Correspondence, 1872-1877
Folder 2 General Correspondence, 1878-1889
Folder 3 General Correspondence, 1890-1899
Folder 4 General Correspondence, 1900-1939
Folder 5 General Correspondence, Undated
Folder 6 Alice, 1871-1873
Folder 7 Mrs. May Binkley Armat, 1931-1938
Folder 8 Nellie Binkley, 1927-1937
Folder 9 Frank S. Blair, 1885-1886
Folder 10 Florence Custis, 1872
Folder 11 L. L. Douglas, 1909-1911
Folder 12 Bradford Gilbert, 1888-1892
Folder 13 Judge Nathan Goff, 1892-1901
Folder 14 Armistead C. Gordon, 1884-1896
Folder 15 Robert Goode, 1871-1874
Folder 16 Nannie Greenway, 1879-1894
Folder 17 Annie Hughes, 1901
Folder 18 Floyd Hughes, 1880
Folder 19 R. W. Hughes, 1865-1897

Box 2

Folder 1 Mrs. Elisa M. (R.W.) Hughes, 1870-1877
Folder 2 Agnes Johnston, 1901-1902
Folder 3 Fanny Johnston; Bessie Johnston Graham, 1901
Folder 4 George Ben Johnson, 1878-1912
Folder 5 I. Johnston, 1891-1892
Folder 6 Joseph E. Johnston, 1866-1877
Folder 7 R. S. Jones, 1872-1878
Folder 8 Col. William Lamb, 1894-1902
Folder 9 L. L. Lewis, 1890-1902
Folder 10 Mrs. Mildred Matier, 1928-1933
Folder 11 Mildred Matier, 1928
Folder 12 Mildred Matier, 1929

Box 3

Folder 1 Mildred Matier, 1930-1932
Folder 2 Mildred Matier, 1933-1938
Folder 3 May, 1875-1876
Folder 4 Allan McLane, 1909-1933
Folder 5 James L. McLane, 1891-1897
Folder 6 Robert McLane, Sr.; Robert McLane, Jr., 1891-1892
Folder 7 Mary Floyd McMullen; Lavatilla J. McMullen, 1900, 1905
Folder 8 Kate Mercer; John Mercer: 1871-1873, 1887, 1900
Folder 9 Jane Michel (Sister of J. E. Johnston), 1891
Folder 10 Isabel Perkinson; W. H. Perkinson, 1887-1904
Folder 11 Isabel Perkinson Matter at U. of Va., 1903-1905
Folder 12 Thomas L. Preston, 1891-1898
Folder 13 Mrs. John M. Preston; Nellie Preston; Elizabeth Preston Grey, 1879, 1930 1938
Folder 14 Harrington Putnam, 1900-1905
Folder 15 Sue Taliaferro; J. L. Taliaferro, 1880, 1889-1898

Box 4

Folder 1 Alfred Thom, 1885, 1894, 1905
Folder 2 Daniel Trigg; Connally Trigg, 1886-1901
Folder 3 L. B. Wharton, 1882-1888
Folder 4 John Sharp Williams, undated
Folder 5 Books in Personal Library, Selling of, 1937-1938
Folder 6 Home Library and Supply Association, 1900-1903
Folder 7 R. W. Hughes, Condolences re: Death of, 1901-1902
Folder 8 R. W. Hughes, Debts of, 1881-1898
Folder 9 R. W. Hughes, Monument in Abingdon Cemetery, 1903-1904
Folder 10 R. W. Hughes, Memorial Gift to U.S. District Court, Norfolk, 1936
Folder 11 R. W. Hughes, Presentation of Portrait to U.S. District Court, Norfolk, 1936
Folder 12 Mrs. R.W. Hughes, Condolences re: Death of, 1908
Folder 13 Hughes' Estate, 1902-1904
Folder 14 Hughes' Estate, 1905-1911
Folder 15 Masonic Lodge Affairs, 1888-1896
Folder 16 Memorial Windows in Abingdon Church, 1894-1895

Box 5

Folder 1 Newbill Matter: Smith Estate (Hughes' Wife's Family), 1899
Folder 2 Edmund Waddill--Hughes Feud, 1898-1917
Folder 3 Watkins Matter: Morton Estate (relatives of R. W. Hughes), 1900-1902

Series II: Financial Records

Folder 4 Bills, Tax Receipts, etc.
Folder 5 Real Estate Deeds, 1886-1905

Series III: Speeches

Folder 6 College Period, 1870's (I)
Folder 7 College Period, 1870's (II)
Folder 8 College Period, 1870's (III)
Folder 9 "The Ideal Student", 1892
Folder 10 Congressional Campaign in Norfolk, October 23,1902
Folder 11 "The Historical Evolution of the Board of Law Examiners and its Influence on Legal Education", 1914
Folder 12 "The Fighting Editor", 1925-1927(I)
Folder 13 "The Fighting Editor", 1925-1927 (II)
Folder 14 "Joseph Eggleston Johnston, Soldier and Man", February 3,1933
Folder 15 Historical Topics, 1895-1928 (I)

Box 6

Folder 1 Historical Topics, 1895-1928 (II)
Folder 2 Legal Topics, 1892-1923 (I)
Folder 3 Legal Topics, 1892-1923 (II)
Folder 4 Literary Topics, 1897-1899 (I)
Folder 5 Literary Topics, 1897-1899 (II)
Folder 6 Literary Topics, 1900-1919
Folder 7 Literary Topics, 1921-1925

Box 7

Folder 1 Literary Topics, 1926-1931
Folder 2 Political Topics, 1902-1920

Series IV: Writings

Folder 3 Memorandum by Mr. Hughes about his writings
Folder 4 Literary Contributions of Robert M. Hughes to the University of Virginia Magazine, 1873-1877
Folder 5 Law of Shipping (chapters 1-3, part of 4), 1912
Folder 6 "Writs of Error from the United States Supreme Court to Virginia Courts," 1914
Folder 7 "Joseph I. Doran: A Tribute," 1919
Folder 8 "The Fighting Editor," 1927
Folder 9 "Can a State Prescribe A Breathing Spell", 1928
Folder 10 "A Deserter's Tale", 1931
Folder 11 "Some Letters from the Papers of General Joseph Johnston", 1931
Folder 12 "Joseph Eggleston Johnston: Soldier and Man", 1933
Folder 13 "Sixty Years Ago", 1933
Folder 14 "Civil War or War Between the States", 1935
Folder 15 "The A. B. Degree and the State Teachers College", 1935
Folder 16 "Robert M. Hughes, His Anthology" Poetry written Robert M. Hughes, undated
Folder 17 "The Adoption of Muzzey's History", undated
Folder 18 Miscellaneous Short pieces, undated

Series V: Legal Practice

Folder 19 Certification to Practice Law in Virginia, 1877
Folder 20 General Correspondence, 1881-1914

Box 8

Folder 1 Correspondence with E. C. Burks, 1886-1895
Folder 2 Correspondence with Justice John M. Harlan, 1896, 1904
Folder 3 Correspondence with W. M. File (U. of Va.), 1897-1898
Folder 4 List of Property of Law Firm of Hughes and Little, 1902
Folder 5 The Truth Seeker Incident: Correspondence, 1913
Folder 6 The Truth Seeker Incident: Copies of Magazine, other Material, 1912-1913
Folder 7 Paper on Panama Railroad Company v. Johnson, 1924

Series VI: Politics

Sub series A: Correspondence

Folder 8 General, 1880-1902
Folder 9 General, 1902-1906
Folder10 General, 1920-1924
Folder 11 General, 1925-1937
Folder 12 Thomas Cadwalader, 1928-1929

Box 9

Folder 1 R. Walton Moore, 1899-1935
Folder 2 R. Walton Moore (Copies of Speeches, 1935, 1939)
Folder 3 John Garland Pollard (Esp. 1929 Gub. Election), 1926-1930
Folder 4 Letters to Editors on Political Topics, 1919-1937
Folder 5 1902 Congressional Campaign--2nd District
Folder 6 1904 Congressional Campaign--2nd District
Folder 7 L. L. Lewis' Effort to Get Judgeship, 1891
Folder 8 Magna Carta Association, 1922-1924
Folder 9 Magna Carta Association, 1924-1931
Folder 10 National Assoc. for Constitutional Govt., 1921-1924

Box 10

Folder 1 Correspondence with Sentinels of the Republic, 1922-1924.
Folder 2 Correspondence with Sentinels of the Republic, 1925-1929
Folder 3 Correspondence with Sentinels of the Republic, 1936-1937
Folder 4 Correspondence re: U.S. Supreme Court, 1934-1935
Folder 5 Correspondence re: U.S. Supreme Court, 1935-1937

Sub series B: Applications for Judgeships

Folder 6 Effort to Be Appointed to R. W. Hughes' Judgeship, 1897-1898
Folder 7 General Correspondence re: Federal Judiciary, 1908--1911
Folder 8 Frederick Brown, 1910
Folder 9 Charles Burlingham, 1910
Folder 10 Nathan Goff, 1905,1910
Folder 11 Daniel Hayne, 1910-1911
Folder 12 Frank Healy, 1910

Box 11

Folder 1 Floyd Hughes, 1910-1911
Folder 2 J. C. Pritchard, 1908-1910
Folder 3 Fitzhugh Smith, 1910
Folder 4 Henry St. George Tucker, 1909-1911
Folder 5 Benjamin Thompson, 1910
Folder 6 W. H. White, 1905-1910

Sub series C: General

Folder 7 Background Material on Hughes, 1910-1911
Folder 8 Material re: Hughes' Legal Career, 1910-1911
Folder 9 Material re: Congressional Races--2nd District, 1902-1906
Folder10 League of Nations: "Democracy and Peace, The Position of the United States after the War," Speech by Robert B. Tunstall, 1917
Folder 11 Republicans and the Black Vote in Virginia, 1928
Folder 12 Hughes' Articles re: 1929 Va. Republican Platform
Folder 13 Newspaper Clippings re: 1929 Gubernatorial Campaign
Folder 14 U.S. Congress: Copies on Bills, 1921-1935
Folder 15 Papers by Hughes on U.S. Supreme Court, 1924-1937

Box 12

Folder 1 Newspaper Clippings, Other Material re: U.S. Supreme Court, 1936-1937
Folder 2 Women's Suffrage, 1928
Folder 3 Political Scrapbook (Loose Pages), 1902-1903
Folder 4 Political Scrapbook (Loose Pages)--1928 Constitutional Convention; 1929 Gubernatorial Campaign
Folder 5 Newspaper Clippings, 1901-1937

Sub series D: Virginia Constitutional Commission

Box 13

Folder 1 General Correspondence, 1926
Folder 2 General Correspondence, 1927-1928
Folder 3 Correspondence with Gov. Harry F. Byrd, 1926-1929
Folder 4 Correspondence with Congressman Joseph T. Deal, 1928
Folder 5 Correspondence with Robert R. Prentis (chairman) and M. B. Watts (Clerk), 1926-1928
Folder 6 Correspondence with William Meade: Fletcher, 1926-1928
Folder 7 Hughes' Paper re: Revision of Constitution, 1926-1927
Folder 8 Articles 1, 2, 4: Bill of Rights; Elections; Legislative Branch, 1926-1927
Folder 9 Article 6: Judiciary, 1926-1927
Folder 10 Articles 7, 9, 11, 12: Organ. & Govt. of Countries; Education; Public Institutions; Corporations

Box 14

Folder 1 Articles 13, 14, 15: Taxation and Finances; Misc. Provisions; Future Changes, 1926-1927
Folder 2 Misc. Proposals for Revision, 1926-1927
Folder 3 Virginia Constitution (Including changes initiated by 1926-1927 Commission), 1927-1929

Series VII: Education

Sub series A: College of William and Mary

Folder 4 Pres. Benjamin Ewell, 1878-1893
Folder 5 Pres. Lyon Tyler, 1901-1906
Folder 6 Pres. Lyon Tyler, 1906-1926
Folder 7 Pres. J. A. C. Chandler, 1921-1933
Folder 8 Pres. John Bryan, 1927-1939
Folder 9 Misc. College Officials
Folder 10 Kathleen Alsop, 1931-1935
Folder 11 Dr. James H. Dillard, 1920-1934
Folder 12 Dr. W. A. R. Goodwin, 1927-1933

Box 15

Folder 1 E. G. Swem (Librarian), 1920-1925
Folder 2 E. G. Swem, 1926-1938
Folder 3 Margaret Galpin, Acting Librarian, 1935
Folder 4 Charles Duke, 1934-1936
Folder 5 General Correspondence, 1890-1920
Folder 6 General Correspondence, 1921-1925
Folder 7 General Correspondence, 1925-1929
Folder 8 General Correspondence, 1930-1938
Folder 9 Douglas Southall Freeman, 1920-1921
Folder 10 Cass Gilbert (re. School's Architecture), 1923
Folder 11 Thomas Nelson Page, 1920-1921
Folder 12 John G. Pollard, 1921-1934
Folder 13 Alumni Association: Correspondence; Other Material, 1924-1935
Folder 14 Boston Alumni Club Plan for College, 1934

Box 16

Folder 1 Curriculum: Correspondence; Other Material, 1934-1938
Folder 2 Fundraising: Correspondence, 1879-1918
Folder 3 Fundraising: Correspondence, 1920
Folder 4 Fundraising: Correspondence, 1921
Folder 5 Fundraising: Correspondence, 1922-1929

Box 17

Folder 1 History of College, 1899-1931
Folder 2 Law School, 1921-1935
Folder 3 Marshall-Wythe School of Gov.: General Correspondence Jan.-June 1920
Folder 4 Marshall-Wythe School of Govt.: General Correspondence, July-December, 1920
Folder 5 Marshall-Wythe School of Gov.: General Correspondence, 1921-1927
Folder 6 Marshall-Wythe School of Gov.: General Correspondence, 1937
Folder 7 Marshall-Wythe School of Gov.: General Correspondence with Alton B. Parker, 1920-1921

Box 18

Folder 1 Norfolk Branch of William and Mary, 1922-1925
Folder 2 Norfolk Branch of William and Mary, 1925-1941
Folder 3 Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1919-1940
Folder 4 State Financial Support College, 1934

Sub series B: University of Virginia

Folder 5 Correspondence, 1884-1899
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1905-1907
Folder 7 Correspondence, 1907-1909
Folder 8 Correspondence, 1910-1938
Folder 9 Correspondence Re: Coordinate College for Women, 1913-1914

Box 19

Folder 1 Material re: Coordinate College for Women, 1911-1914
Folder 2 Miscellaneous Material re: University of Virginia
Sub series C: State Education Commission
Folder 3 State Education Commission: Correspondence; Other Material, 1927-1928

Sub series D: State Board of Education

Folder 4 General Correspondence, 1929-1931
Folder 5 General Correspondence, 1932-1935
Folder 6 Correspondence with E. Lee Tinkle (Pres.), 1932-1935
Folder 7 Correspondence with Harris Hart (Supt.), 1930
Folder 8 Correspondence with Sidney Hall (Supt.), 1931-1933
Folder 9 Correspondence with Sidney Hall (Supt.), 1933-1936

Box 20

Folder 1 Correspondence with Thomas Eason (Sect. to Board), 1930-1931
Folder 2 Article re. Selection of State Texts, 1933
Folder 3 Correspondence re: Adoption of Texts, 1936-1937
Folder 4 Correspondence; Other Material re: Cooperative Education, 1930
Folder 5 Miscellaneous Material, 1930-1935

Series VIII: Memorabilia

Folder 6 Deputy Grand Master Certificates, Masonic Lodge, 1887-1889
Folder 7 Resolution from Norfolk Public Library Board, March 3,1932
Folder 8 William and Mary Mementos
Folder 9 Memorial Volume for Harvey Laird Wilson (Norfolk Ledger Dispatch), 1930
Folder 10 Memorial Pamphlets to Robert M. Hughes, 1855-1940

Series IX: Pictorial Records

Folder 11 Photographs of R. M. Hughes, 1870-1936
Folder 12 Photographs of Judge R. W. Hughes
Folder 13 Photographs of Val Verde
Folder 14 Photographs of William and Mary, 1864-1867
Folder 15 Drawings of Ice House
Folder 16 Sketches by Jas. Brown Hope
Folder 17 Steel Engraving of Judge R. W. Hughes (Date Unknown)
Folder 18 Steel Engraving of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston (Used in his memoirs), 1874

Box 21

Series X: Family Papers

Sub series A: General

Folder 1 Partial Hughes-Johnston-Preston Family Tree
Folder 2 Pamphlet re: Johnston and Morton (Relatives of Hughes' family) Families, 1928
Folder 3 Alumni List of Norfolk Academy: R. M. Hughes, Jr., Sidney Hughes (sons); Floyd Hughes (nephew) Listed, 1927

Sub series B: Judge R. W. Hughes (Father of R. M. Hughes)

Folder 4 General Correspondence, 1849-1868
Folder 5 General Correspondence, 1873-1879
Folder 6 General Correspondence, 1880-1900
Folder 7 General Correspondence, Undated
Folder 8 Correspondence with Carrington Family Members, 1843-1884
Folder 9 Correspondence with John M. Daniel, 1853-1858
Folder 10 Correspondence with Gov. John B. Floyd, 1851--1862
Folder 11 Correspondence with Mrs. Eliza (R. W.) Hughes, 1860-1869
Folder 12 Correspondence with J. P. Johnston, 1840
Folder 13 Correspondence with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, 1865-1879
Folder 14 Correspondence with L. M., 1862-1864
Folder 15 General Financial Correspondence, 1860-1898
Folder 16 Dispute with B. R. Johnston are Mrs. Hughes' Inheritance, 1845-1860
Folder 17 Financial Dispute with W. W. Berkeley, 1870-1885
Folder 18 Financial Dealings with John Clarkson, 1874-1876
Folder 19 Financial Dealings with John W. Johnston, 1879-1885
Folder 20 Harmason Financial Matter (Old Debt), 1874, 1896

Box 22

Folder 1 Financial Dealings with C. L. Perkins, 1879-1883
Folder 2 Bills from J. M. Roses and Sons, 1889-1899
Folder 3 Correspondence with W. B. Moses and Sons re: Debts of Mrs. Van Vleck, 1893-1895
Folder 4 Promissory Notes, 1898
Folder 5 Property Tax Records (Incomplete), 1869-1900
Folder 6 Deeds re. Hughes' Real Estate, 1871-1899
Folder 7 Surveys, Maps of Hughes' Real Estate
Folder 8 Announcements re: Hughes' Horses, 1887, 1894
Folder 9 Appraisal of Hughes Estate, Feb., 1902
Folder 10 Records re. Hughes Estate, 1901-1902
Folder 11 Material re: Massie Trust Case, 1852-1898
Folder 12 Material re: J. T. L. Preston, 1853-1855
Folder 13 Material re: Thomas L. Preston, 1851-1863
Folder 14 Speech-"The Organic Law of England and the U.S."
Folder 15 Speech-"Chief Justice Marshall and his work" June 14,1887
Folder 16 Oath of Allegiance; Amnesty; Pardon, 1865-1866
Folder 17 General Political Correspondence, 1868-1876
Folder 18 General Political Correspondence, 1877-1898

Box 23

Folder 1 Correspondence with William Mahone, 1867-1876
Folder 2 Recommendations of Hughes for U.S. Supreme Court Appointment, 1877
Folder 3 Hughes-Cameron Duel, 1869
Folder 4 Dispute with Roger Pryor, 1856
Folder 5 Correspondence re: Attack from Col. Ruffin, 1884-1885
Folder 6 Correspondence re: Virginia and Kentucky Railroad, 1858-1867
Folder 7 Correspondence re: Gov. John B. Floyd, 1861-1888
Folder 8 Correspondence with Peter J. Otey re: Gov. Floyd, 1886
Folder 9 Draft Biography of Gov.,John B. Floyd
Folder 10 Copies of Letters re: Floyd's Resignation as Sect. Of War, 1860
Folder 11 Receipt in Patrick Henry's Handwriting, 1767 (According to R. W. Hughes)
Sub series C: Eliza Johnston (R. W.) Hughes

Box 24

Folder 1 General Correspondence, 1846-1901
Folder 2 Correspondence with Gov. John B. Floyd, 1839-1860
Folder 3 Correspondence with Mrs. Sally B. Floyd
Folder 4 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1839-1840
Folder 5 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1840
Folder 6 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1841-1842
Folder 7 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1842
Folder 8 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1843-1844
Folder 9 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1844-1845
Folder 10 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1845-1846
Folder 11 Correspondence with John Preston Johnston, 1846-1847

Box 25

Folder 1 Correspondence with Beverley R. Johnston, 1843-1848
Folder 2 Correspondence with Joseph E. Johnston, 1848-1887
Folder 3 Financial Records, 1903-1905
Folder 4 Real Estate Deeds, 1903-1905

Sub series D: Charles C. Johnston

Folder 5 Charles C. Johnston Correspondence, 1824-1831(R. M. H.'s Maternal Grandfather)
Sub series E: Eliza Preston Johnston
Folder 6 Mrs. Eliza Preston Johnston Correspondence, 1821-1827 (R. M. H.'s Maternal Grandmother)
Sub series F: Governor John Floyd
Folder 7 Gov. John Floyd: Letter to Gov. of New York re. Fugitive Slaves, 1832

Sub series G: John B. Floyd (Son of Gov. John Floyd and R. M. Hughes' Adoptive Maternal Grandfather)

Folder 8 General Pre-Civil War Correspondence, 1831, 1837, 1861
Folder 9 Correspondence with Mrs. Sally B. Preston Floyd, 1855-1862
Folder 10 Diary, 1838, 1845
Folder 11 Correspondence with John Tyler, 1843, 1860
Folder 12 Correspondence re: Governors of Virginia, 1848-1849
Folder 13 Governor's Message (Va.), December 3, 1849
Folder 14 Correspondence while Secretary of War, 1857-1860
Folder 15 Material re: Fort Snelling Dispute, 1857
Folder 16 Material re: Acceptances Controversy, 1860-1861
Folder 17 Letters from Gen. Floyd (Civil War), 1861
Folder 18 Letters from Gen. Floyd (Civil War), 1861-1862

Box 26

Folder 1 Letters to Gen. Floyd (Civil War), 1861
Folder 2 Letters to Gen. Floyd (Civil War), 1862-1863
Folder 3 Correspondence with Gen. Henry A. Wise, 1861
Folder 4 Orders; Commissions; Rosters (Civil War), 1861-1862
Folder 5 Misc. Morning Reports (Civil War), 1861-1862
Folder 6 Diary of Officer in Floyd's Command, 1862
Folder 7 Misc. Civil War Correspondence, 1861-1862
Folder 8 Items in Floyd's Handwriting

Sub series H: Sally B. Preston Floyd

Folder 9 Sally B. Preston Floyd Correspondence, 1839-1879 (R. M. H.'s Adoptive Maternal Grandmother)
Sub series I: Edward Johnston
Folder 10 Edward Johnston-John W. Correspondence, 1847--1848
Sub series J: John Preston Johnston
Folder 11 John Preston Johnston Correspondence, 1837-1839 (R. M. H.'s Maternal Uncle)
Folder 12 John Preston Johnston Correspondence, 1840-1845
Sub series K: General Joseph E. Johnston Papers (R. M. H.'s Maternal Uncle)
Folder 13 Correspondence with Various Johnston Relatives, 1839-1861
Folder 14 Correspondence with Beverley R. Johnston, 1847-1868
Folder 15 Draft of Letter to Jefferson Davis Protesting Ranking in Confederate Army, 1861
Folder 16 Letter from Wade Hampton, Jan. 13, 1863
Folder 17 General Correspondence-Civil War Period, 1861-1865
Folder 18 Copy of Convention signed with Gen. Sherman, April 27,1865

Box 27

Folder 1 General Correspondence, 1867-1878
Folder 2 General Correspondence, 1880-1886
Folder 3 General Correspondence, 1886-1890
Folder 4 Letters from Gen. James Longstreet, 1877-1883
Folder 5 Letter from Gen. Jubal A. Early, Feb.4, 1875
Folder 6 Correspondence with Clarence Buel (Century Magazine), 1884-1888
Folder 7 Correspondence with Robert V. Johnson (Century Magazine), 1884-1888
Folder 8 Correspondence with North American Review, 1886-1887
Folder 9 Letters to General Valencia, 1836-1837 (Probably Mexican War Souvenirs)
Folder 10 Bennett Place Memorial Correspondence, 1923-1924
Folder 11 Bennett Place Memorial Association Legislative Enactment, 1923
Folder 12 Bennett Place Memorial Inscription
Folder 13 Bennett Place Memorial, News clippings
Folder 14 Bennett Place Memorial Unveiling November 8, 1923-Address by General Julian S. Carr
Folder 15 "Some Reminiscences of Joseph E. Johnston" by Robert M. Hughes

Box 28

Folder 1 Rough Draft of Johnston's Memoirs - Introductory Section, 1873-1874
Folder 2 Introductory Section (Different Version), 1873-1874
Folder 3 Introductory Section (Third Version), 1873-1874
Folder 4 Misc. Pages from First Part of Memoirs, 1873-1874
Folder 5 General Comments about Confederacy, 1873-1874
Folder 6 Material re: Northern Virginia Campaign, 1873-1874
Folder 7 Accounts of Battles with Sherman in Georgia I, 1873-1874
Folder 8 Accounts of Battles with Sherman in Georgia II, 1873-1874
Folder 9 Account of Final Battles, 1873-1874
Folder 10 Material re: Last Days of War, 1873-1874

Box 29

Folder 1 Draft of Defense against Critical Articles
Folder 2 Defense of Actions During Early Command in Virginia
Folder 3 Material for Defense against Accusations by Jefferson Davis
Folder 4 Defense against Charges by General Beauregard re: Manassas Campaign

Sub series L: Various Relatives

Folder 5 John Preston Correspondence, 1796 (R. M. H.'s Maternal Great Grandfather)
Folder 6 John Preston-Francis Preston Correspondence, 1787-1821
Folder 7 Sarah Campbell Preston:Correspondence; Will,1809-1847 (Mother of Sally B. Floyd)
Folder 8 Lettitia Floyd Letter to Benjamin Rush Floyd February 28,1843 (Preston Family)
Folder 9 Thomas P. McDowell Real Estate Deeds, 1857-1858 (Preston Family)
Folder 10 William Radford Correspondence, 1830-1850 (Related to Preston by Marriage)
Sub series M: Robert M. Hughes, Jr. Papers
Folder 11 Correspondence, 1921-1940
Folder 12 Correspondence, 1940-1950
Folder 13 "The Tidewater Trail" Magazine, October-November, 1944
Folder 14 Publications Collected by R. M. H., Jr., 1941-1946

Box 30

Series XI: Historical Studies

Sub series A: Governor John B. Floyd

Folder 1 Floyd's Role in Medal for Gen. Winfield Scott, 1848
Folder 2 Material re: Acceptances Controversy in War Department, 1858-1861
Folder 3 Copies of Letters re: Floyd's Resignation as Secretary of War, December, 1860
Folder 4 Material re: Floyd's Views During Secession Crisis, 1860-1861
Folder 5 Copies of Letters from Winfield Scott and James Buchanan to the National Intelligencer, 1862
Folder 6 Copies of Correspondence from Gen. Robert E. Lee, 1861
Folder 7 Confederate Military Orders, 1862
Folder 8 Biographical Sketch of General Floyd
Folder 9 Miscellaneous material re: Floyd
Folder 10 Hughes' Correspondence re: Floyd, 1888-1920
Folder 11 Hughes' Correspondence re: Floyd, 1921-1925
Folder 12 Hughes' Correspondence re: Floyd, 1926-1930
Folder 13 Hughes' Correspondence re: Floyd, 1931-1937

Box 31

Folder 1 Correspondence with Scribner's re. James Truslow Adams' Textbook, 1935-1936
Folder 2 Correspondence with George F. Milton, 1931-1937
Folder 3 Correspondence re: Harper's Article on Floyd's Role at Ft. Donelson, 1911
Folder 4 Correspondence re: Harper's Article on Floyd's Role at Ft. Donelson, 1912
Folder 5 Correspondence; Material re R. M. H. Article in Tyler's Quarterly, 1923
Folder 6 Correspondence re: Articles by Philip Auchenpaugh in Tyler's Quarterly, 1923-1930
Folder 7 Correspondence with Confederate Veteran Magazine 1928-1931
Folder 8 Issues of Confederate Veteran (Articles on Floyd) 1929-1931
Folder 9 Hughes' Response to Mark Twain Criticism of Floyd (Published in Va. Magazine of History and Biography), 1930-1931

Box 32

Folder 1 Correspondence, Material re: Hughes Article in Va. Historical Magazine, 1935
Folder 2 Correspondence, Material re: Hughes Article in Va. Historical Magazine, 1935-1937
Folder 3 Correspondence with S. F. Hurt re: Floyd Family, 1938
Sub series B: General Joseph E. Johnston
Folder 4 Copies of Letters from Robert E. Lee, 1839, 1861
Folder 5 Copies of Letters to Johnston during Civil War, 1861-1865
Folder 6 Copies of Letters from Wade Hampton, 1863
Folder 7 Correspondence re: Louis Wigfall Letter to J.E.J. (1874); Photocopy of Letter, 1934-1935
Folder 8 Source Material re: Johnston's Campaigns, 1861-1874
Folder 9 Charleston Daily Courier, Nashville Dispatch Reports of Atlantic Campaign, Sept. 26, Oct. 12, 1864
Folder 10 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper: Jefferson Davis Speech in Macon, Georgia, November 5, 1864
Folder 11 Baltimore Sun Article re. Convention J. E. J. Signed with Gen. Sherman in 1865, Feb. 14, 1886
Folders 12-13 Battle Maps: Army of the Cumberland, 1875
Folder 14 Maps of Atlanta Campaign
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Material re: J. E. J.

Box 33

Folder 1 Correspondence with Appleton Co. re: First Edition of J. E. J. Biography, 1891-1925
Folder 2 Correspondence with James Wilson (Appleton) re: J. E. J. Biography, 1891-1896
Folder 3 Correspondence with Appleton re: Royalties from J. E. J. Biography, 1894-1923
Folder 4 Correspondence with Appleton- Century- re: New Edition of J. E. J. Biography, 1973
Folder 5 General Correspondence re: New Edition of J. E. J. Biography, 1937
Folder 6 Correspondence with Library of Congress re: Copyright to J. E. J. Biography, 1937
Folder 7 Correspondence with Donald Bartlett re: New Biography of J. E. J, 1938-1939
Folder 8 Articles on Johnston, 1912-1926

Box 34

Folder 1 General Correspondence re: Joseph E. Johnston, 1891-1899
Folder 2 General Correspondence re: Joseph E. Johnston, 1900-1919
Folder 3 General Correspondence re: Joseph E. Johnston, 1920-1929
Folder 4 General Correspondence re: Joseph E. Johnston, 1930-1939
Folder 5 Correspondence with War Office, 1891-1894
Folder 6 Correspondence with Joseph Brown (Civil War Gov. of Georgia), 1889-1898
Folder 7 Correspondence with Robert E. Lee Camp, 1894-1908
Folder 8 Correspondence with Military Service Institution, 1912
Folder 9 Correspondence with Gamaliel Bradford, 1912
Folder 10 Correspondence with Gamaliel Bradford, 1912-1925

Box 35

Folder 1 Correspondence with C. I. Millard re: J.E.J. and other Civil War Topics, 1912-1933
Folder 2 Correspondence with T. R. Hay, 1920-1924
Folder 3 Correspondence with T. R. Hay, 1924-1929
Folder 4 Correspondence with North Carolina Historical Commission, 1922-1933
Folder 5 Correspondence with American Historical Review re: William Dodd's Comments on J. E. J. 1924
Folder 6 Material re: Paper by A. P. James on J. E. J. at A. H. A. Convention, 1925
Folder 7 Material re: Confederate Monument at Stone Mountain, Ga., 1925-1926
Folder 8 Correspondence with Century Magazine re: Article by William Dodd, 1927
Folder 9 Correspondence with Douglass Southall Freeman, 1927-1935
Folder 10 Correspondence with Douglas Southall Freeman re: J. E. J.

Box 36

Folder 1 Correspondence with Landon C. Bell re: J. E. J. and Related Topics, 1929-1930
Folder 2 Dispute over Longwood Marker (Johnston's Rank in Army), 1930-1934
Folder 3 Dispute over Longwood Marker (Johnston's Rank in U.S. Army), 1934-1935
Folder 4 Correspondence with Col. D. B. Sanger re: Biography of J. E. J. 1935-1937
Folder 5 Correspondence re: Portrait of J. E. J. at Farmville State Teachers College, 1936-1938
Folder 6 Correspondence with George F. Milton, 1937
Folder 7 Correspondence re Proposed Portrait of J. E. J., 1938

Sub series C: Civil War Topics

Folder 8 Flags of the Confederate States of America, 1907
Folder 9 Correspondence with General F. Maurice, 1925-1927
Folder 10 "'Civil War' or 'War Between the States"'--Hughes Article in William and Mary Quarterly, January, 1925
Folder 11 Correspondence re: "Civil War" or "War Between the States", 1934-1936
Folder 12 Monitor vs. Merrimac (Virginia)
Folder 13 Location of the Wreck of the Cumberland, 1928
Folder 14 Confederate and Federal Constitutions Compared, 1931

Box 37

Folder 1 Secession Ordinances & Documents
Folder 2 Lee and Secession,1934
Folder 3 Clippings re: Muzzey's History Text, 1931-1933
Folder 4 Correspondence re: Muzzey's History Text, 1930
Folder 5 Correspondence re: Muzzey's History Text, 1931
Folder 6 Correspondence re: Muzzey's History Text, 1932
Folder 7 Correspondence re: Muzzey's History Text, 1933
Folder 8 Correspondence re: Muzzey's History Text, 1934
Folder 9 Review of Muzzey's "History of the American People"

Box 38

Sub series D: Virginia History

Folder 1 "The Birth of America"--A Play by Matthew Page Andrews, 1920
Folder 2 Norfolk Bicentennial Material, 1936
Folder 3 Response to Harold U. Faulkner's Article on Colonial History in Harper's, 1925-1926
Folder 4 Williamsburg Material, 1933
Folder 5 Religious Toleration in Virginia, 1926-1938
Folder 6 Letter from Edmund Randolph to St. George Tucker May 7, 1780
Folder 7 "The Jamestown Exposition" Booklet, 1907
Folder 8 Yorktown Sesquicentennial, 1931
Folder 9 Proclamation of New Seal of Virginia, December 2,1931
Folder 10 Scrapbook on Virginia Landmarks (Loose Pages)
Folder 11 Cape Henry Landing, 1925-1936
Folder 12 Flag Flown at Landing of First Colonists, 1931-1935
Folder 13 Hughes Paper Comparing Jamestown and Plymouth settlements
Folder 14 Celebration of Tercentenary of Jamestown and Plymouth (program), 1920

Box 39

Sub series E: General

Folder 1 General Correspondence on Historical Topics, 1890, 1905
Folder 2 General Correspondence on Historical Topics, 1920-1939
Folder 3 George Sheffield's Index to Eclectic Magazine, Vols. 1-50, 1844-1859
Folder 4 Newspaper Clippings on Historical Topics, 1924

Box 40

Series XII: Index cards

Index Cards for Letters at one Time in Hughes' Possession

Box 41

Series XIII: Miscellaneous

Folder 1 Proceedings: Research Club, 1914
Folder 2 Proceedings: Research Club, 1915
Folder 3 Proceedings: Research Club, 1916
Folder 4 Proceedings: Research Club, 1917
Folder 5 Proceedings: Research Club, 1920
Folder 6 Correspondence re: Bond Issue for Roads, 1919
Folder 7 Clippings re: Bond Issue for Roads
Folder 8 Writings, Articles re: Bond Issue for Roads, 1919-1923
Folder 9 Correspondence: Poetry Society of Virginia, 1924-1938
Folder 10 Virginia State Seal & Flag, 1928-1935
Folder 11 Norfolk Law Library, 1936
Folder 12 Method of Electing Vice Presidents, 1934
Folder 13 Correspondence: Books & Journals - Purchasing & collecting, 1922-1937
Folder 14 Material re: Missing Issues of Southern Literary Messenger

Box 42

Folder 1 Dried Floral Arrangement
Folder 2 Jamestown Exposition - Accounting of Expenses
Folder 3 Sketches of historic sites and famous Americans
Folder 4 "Sixty Years Ago" Address given by R.M. Hughes June 12, 1933
Folder 5 Rough Draft of "Annals and Reminiscences of an Octogenarian"
Folder 6 "Annals and Reminiscences of an Octogenarian"
Folder 7 Scrapbook, 1872
Folder 8 Scrapbook commenced August 21, 1873

Oversized Box #1

Series XIV: Oversized Material

Certificate of Appointment as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, February 6, 1871
Certificate of Appointment as Federal Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, January 14, 1874
Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary--1908, 1910, 1914
Board of Examiners of Applicants for Admission to the Bar---1910, 1912, 1917
Commission to Suggest Amendments to the Va. Constitution---1926
Va. Delegate at Institute of Public Affairs Meeting (U. of Va.), August 15-18, 1928
State Board of Education--1930
State Board of Education--1933
Va. Delegate to Conference of American Library Association, June 22-27, 1931
Certificates of Graduation from the University of Virginia--1877 Schools of Latin; Greek; Junior and Intermediate Mathematics;
Literature and Rhetoric; General Chemistry; German Language and Literature; Moral Philosophy; History, Literature and
Rhetoric; French Language and Literature; Pure Mathematics; Natural Philosophy
Diploma conferring the degree of Bachelor of Arts on Robert M. Hughes by the College of William and Mary in 1873.

Oversized Box #2:

Ledger Book. Holdings in Robert M. Hughes' Personal Library. (Alphabetical by Author and/or Title)
Ledger Book. Holdings in Law Library of Sharp and Hughes (Later Hughes and Little), 1901
Scrapbook. Newspaper Clippings on Roosevelt and Supreme Court Controversy, 1935-1937.
Letter of Mrs. Letitia Floyd to Benjamin Rush Floyd. February 22, 1843. Positive and Negative Photocopies
Inventory of Holdings of College Papers. Manuscript Collection. College of William I and Mary Library. 3 Vols. (typewritten, n.d.).
Newspaper Clippings on Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Supreme Court Controversy, 1935-1937

Oversized Box #3

Scrapbook entitled "Personal and Civil War/Spanish-American war 1898". Contains: magazine articles, newspaper clippings, many of which are reports of action in the Spanish-American War, poems, General Joseph E. Johnston's draft of an epitaph for himself and his wife, Governor John Garland Pollard's proclamation proclaiming the new seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, an invitation to the unveiling of the bust of General Johnston and photographs relating to this unveiling, a large color map of Cuba, and a list of an exhibition of historical portraiture at the Washington County Historical Society, July 19, 1938.

Oversized Box # 4

Scrapbook entitled "Personal and Civil War". Contains: newspaper clippings, genealogical information on the Johnston family, typed copies of correspondence relating to the duel of Robert W. Hughes and William Cameron, June, 1869, memorandum of C. V. Woodson on "The Powhatan Hughes, Huguenots," typed copy of autobiographical sketch of John Warfield Johnston, biographical sketch of Judge Peter Johnston, various lithographs and sketches, photograph of General Joseph Johnston's home in Washington, D.C., magazine articles, two postcards and five photographs of the Joseph E. Johnston monument in Dalton, Georgia, four photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Hughes on holiday, various programs and texts of resolutions, a photograph of a Hughes grave-site monument, five photographs of Longwood State Teachers College in Farmville, and one photograph each of the Williamsburg Court House and the Saunders House.

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