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The Papers of Alf J. Mapp, Jr.


Alf Johnson Mapp Jr. was born February 17, 1925 at Parrish Memorial Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia to Alf Johnson, Sr. and Lorraine (nee Carney) Mapp. He spent the first two years of his life at Maple Shade, in Norfolk County (now Chesapeake) where his mother’s family resided. Then his family moved to 200 Maryland Avenue in Portsmouth. The house was full of activity and dinner table discussions, his father and his mother a former school teacher, as well as his maternal grandmother stirred his interest in literature and history. Mapp was a thirteenth generation Virginian.  Mapp spent his summers with his family on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and in Lancaster County in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Mapp began writing at an early age and even made submissions to local newspapers, including writing children’s stories for the Richmond Times Dispatch and poetry for the Norfolk Ledger Dispatch. He was educated at Port Norfolk Elementary and Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth.  While attending Port Norfolk, he served as editor-in-chief for the school newspaper “The Beacon” and was named “most studious.” At Woodrow Wilson High School, Mapp was active on the debate team in which he was chosen first speaker of the state champion high school debate team in 1940 and won the American Legion Oratorical Contest for Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia in 1941.  He was also editor in chief of the high school newspaper “The Student” which featured his column “On the World Map with Alf Mapp,” in which he wrote about historical and political events going on at the time.  While in high school, Mapp took part in the Old Dominion Boys State, a summer program sponsored by the American Legion that educated young men on the functions of state government and politics.

Upon graduating from Woodrow Wilson in 1941, Mapp attended the College of William and Mary (his father’s alma mater) on a scholarship, where he majored in government and political science. After two years, Mapp then left to pursue a career in journalism, first working at the Portsmouth Star where he first was an associate editor and editorial writer then later an editorial chief. Mapp’s editorials were reprinted across the United States and were translated into nine foreign languages and broadcast abroad by the United States Department of State as part of the Voice of America.  His editorials won various awards including the Freedoms Foundation Honor Medal in 1951. From 1953 to 1958, Mapp worked at the Virginian Pilot as an editor. Besides working on newspaper editorials, Mapp contributed articles on various subjects to many publications including the Saturday Review and New York Times.

Mapp completed his education at the Norfolk Division of William and Mary (now Old Dominion University) graduating with a B.A. in English in 1961. After graduation, Mapp became an instructor in English.  He went on to teach journalism, creative writing, history, and an interdisciplinary course in western civilization there until his retirement in 1992.  In 1975, he integrated instruction with the WAVY-10 television series “Jamestown to Yorktown,” which he hosted and narrated. Among his many achievements at the college were being named Eminent Professor (1982-1989), Eminent Scholar (1989-1992) and Louis I. Jaffe Professor (1990-1992). Upon his retirement he was named Eminent Scholar Emeritus and Louis I. Jaffe Professor Emeritus.

Besides his journalism and teaching career, Mapp has been the author of historical non-fiction, historical biography, historical novel, and textbook literature. His first historical non-fiction work The Virginia Experiment had its beginnings as a term paper while Mapp was a freshman at the College of William and Mary. In the years afterward, Mapp perfected his term paper framework into a historical non-fiction book published in 1957. The book was used as a textbook for classes on Virginia history in schools and colleges, including Norfolk Division of William and Mary. Mapp published his second historical non-fiction work Frock Coats and Epaulets in 1963, which was about the Confederate generals of the Civil War.  In 1967, he wrote America Creates Its Own Literature, a textbook used in numerous learning institutions across the country. In 1968, he wrote a biography of his relative S. Judson Dunaway who was a self made business man, inventor, and philanthropist in Just One Man. The Golden Dragon: Alfred the Great and His Times, which detailed the life of ninth century English King Alfred, from whom Mapp’s family is descended, was published in 1974. Thomas Jefferson was the focus of much of Mapp’s scholarship including a trilogy of books: Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity (1987); Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (1991); Thomas Jefferson: America’s Paradoxical Patriot (2008). All three books were well received by reviewers and President Bill Clinton had Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity on a table near his desk in the Oval Office. Mapp published two other historical non-fiction books Three Golden Ages: Discovering the Creative Secrets of Renaissance Florence, Elizabethan England, and America's Founding (1998) and Faiths of Our Fathers: What America's Founders Really Believed (2003). Mapp wrote several historical novels but only one Bed of Honor (1996), which takes place after the Civil War, was published.

Mapp has been a prominent figure in civic and political activities within the community for most of his life. In 1951, Mapp was named Portsmouth Young Man of the year for his work on the Portsmouth Interclub Council, which was a coordinating agency for the various civic clubs within Portsmouth and its surrounding areas. He has been a member of numerous civic and political organizations that include the Portsmouth Bicentennial Commission, the Council for America’s First Freedom, the Jamestowne Society, and the Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission.  Mapp spoke at many events and for prominent organizations, including the Brookings Institution.

Over the years Mapp has received numerous honors and awards, including the Commonwealth of Virginia cultural laureate in 1981 and the Liberty Bell Award in 1985.  He was honored by his hometown of Portsmouth in 1987 as a “Portsmouth National Notable.” Mapp has been featured in many reference directories such as Who’s Who (both America and World editions), National Cyclopedia of National Biography, and Contemporary Authors.

In regard to personal life and family, Mapp married Julia Hartley Lockhart in 1953 and in 1957 had a son Alf J. Mapp III. They divorced in 1969. Mapp later married Ramona Hartley Hamby, who taught English and was a chair of the humanities and social sciences department at Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth Campus. Both he and Ramona collaborated on numerous things including the building of their house “Willow Oaks” in 1976 on land that was once owned by one of his maternal ancestors and the writing of Portsmouth: A Pictorial History in 1989.

Books written by Alf J. Mapp, Jr.

  • Virginia Experiment (1957)
  • Frock Coats and Epaulets (1963)
  • America Creates Its Own Literature (1967)
  • Just One Man (1968)
  • The Golden Dragon (1974)
  • Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity (1987)
  • Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (1991)
  • Bed of Honor (1996)
  • Three Golden Ages (1998)
  • Faiths of Our Fathers (2003)
  • Thomas Jefferson: America’s Paradoxical Patriot (2008)

Books and articles co-authored by Alf J. Mapp, Jr.

  • Chesapeake in the American Revolution (1981, with Ernest McNeill Eller)
  • Constitutionalism: Founding and Future (1989, Miller Center for Public Affairs)
  • Portsmouth: A Pictorial History (1989, with Ramona H. Mapp)
  • Constitutionalism and Human Rights: America, Poland, and France (1991, Miller Center for Public Affairs)
  • Great American Presidents (1995, Miller Center for Public Affairs)

Awards and honors

  • 1951 - Freedoms Foundation Honor Medal
  • 1963 - Ten Best List, American History Publications Society
  • 1972 - Outstanding American Educator Award, Chicago, Ill.
  • 1974 - Outstanding American Educator Award, Washington, D.C.
  • Included in American Bicentennial Institute file of "Molders of American Culture, 1775-1995."
  • 1976 - National Bicentennial Medal of the National Bicentennial Administration for "planning and execution of programs of a quality unexcelled anywhere in the United States,”
  • 1976 - Comite Francais du Bicentenaire de l'Independence des Etats-Unis from the Republic of France.
  • 1980 - National Family Service Award (with Ramona H. Mapp), Family Foundation of America.
  • 1981 - Commonwealth of Virginia cultural laureate, awarded in the State Capitol, October 1st.
  • 1982 - Distinguished Alumni Award, Old Dominion University.
  • 1985 - Liberty Bell Award
  • 1986 & 1991 - Triennial Phi Kappa Phi National Scholar Award for Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.
  • 1987 - Old Dominion University Distinguished Research Award
  • 1987 - Notable Citizen Award, Portsmouth, VA.
  • 1987 - Great Citizen Award, Hampton Roads, VA. (8 cities)
  • 1995 - Hill Friends of the Arts Award (with Ramona H. Mapp)
  • 1996 - Richard Hakluyt Award for historical writing.
  • 1996 - Shadowbox Award for distinguished history by an American.

Memberships and Offices

  • Publications Committee, 350th Anniversary of Representative Government in the Western World.
  • Editorial Board, Jamestown Foundation.
  • Editorial Board, Virginia Independence Bicentennial Committee.
  • Coordinating Board, Historical Societies of Eastern Virginia.
  • Chairman, Portsmouth, Virginia, Revolutionary Bicentennial Committee, 1968-1981.
  • President, Poetry Society of Virginia, 1974-1975.
  • President, Order of Cape Henry, 1607, (1975-1976).
  • Official Historian and Secretary General, Jamestowne Society.
  • Chairman, Portsmouth, Virginia, Fine Arts Commission, 1983-1985.
  • Municipal Committee on Taxes and Mandates, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1982-1992.
  • Advisor on American Revolutionary publications to Virginia University Press.
  • Chairman of the Board, World Premier of Mary Rose Marine Archeology Exhibit (Commendation from the Prince of Wales), 1985.
  • Virginia Symphony Board of Directors, 1986-1987; Trustee, 1987-
  • Advisory Committee to the City Manager of Norfolk, 1989 - 1994.
  • Advisory Committee, Center for the Study of Interactive Learning, Pasadena, California, 1993.
  • Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, 1993 - Present 
  • Director, Council for America's First Freedom, 1994-1998.

Biography of Alf J. Mapp, Sr.

Alf Johnson Mapp was born October 10, 1897 in Northampton County, Virginia to William John, Jr. and Amelia (nee Johnson) Mapp. Mapp’s paternal ancestors came to Virginia in 1609 and his maternal ancestors came before 1647. He was educated in Accomack County public schools and received his A. B. and M.A. degrees from the College of William and Mary. While at William and Mary, Mapp took part in many extracurricular activities including being president of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, a member and team manager of the varsity basketball team, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, vice-president of the senior class, and “best all around.” Mapp also did graduate work at the University of Virginia and Columbia University.       

After Army service in World War I, Mapp became an elementary and high school principal for Accomack County from 1918 to 1919. During the summer of 1919, Mapp was working on one of the Chesapeake ferries of the Pennsylvania Railroad and happened to fall asleep on night and woke up only to find himself in Norfolk.  While in Norfolk, he called the Norfolk County superintendent and was offered the job of principal for Churchland High School. Mapp was principal there along with the elementary schools of Norfolk County from 1919 to 1926. After that tenure, Mapp became principal for the Port Norfolk and Pinners Point Elementary schools of Portsmouth from 1926 to 1941. In 1941 he became the assistant principal for Woodrow Wilson High School, holding that position until 1950 when he was appointed superintendent for Portsmouth Public Schools.

While as superintendent, Mapp did numerous things to improve the Portsmouth public school system as well as being a forerunner.  During his tenure, new buildings for Woodrow Wilson High and I. C. Norcom High as well as five new elementary schools were built; teachers’ salaries were doubled; implemented audio-visual education on the elementary level; helped found the St. Helena division of the College of William Mary after World War II; and achieved peaceful integration of the Portsmouth schools. Mapp was given many recognitions, such as receiving the Betts Reading Clinic award in 1959 for the “outstanding service and achievement in the improvement of reading” and becoming the thirty-eighth educator in the United States to be named a “leader in education” in 1961. Mapp retired from the Portsmouth public school system in 1965 and in honor of his dedicated service, a junior high school was named in his honor-Alf J. Mapp Junior High School (renamed Craddock Middle School in 1992) which opened in 1966.

In regard to his personal life, Mapp married Lorraine Carney of “Maple Shade” Norfolk County, Virginia on November 7, 1922. In 1925, a son Alf Johnson, Jr. was born. Alf Jr. would later become a well known historical writer and Old Dominion University professor. Besides being involved in the Portsmouth public schools, Mapp was greatly involved in the Portsmouth and Hampton Roads community in which he was member of Port Norfolk Baptist Church, president of the Virginia Division of the National Vocational Guidance Association, a member of the Hampton Roads-Peninsula War Studies Committee, served on the boards for the Portsmouth City Dental Clinic and the Portsmouth Young Men’s Christian Association,  a member of the National Association of School Administrators, and was a lifetime member of the National Education Association. Mapp was also part of the steering committee of the Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project (STOP).

After a long illness, Mapp passed away on July 23, 1966. He is buried at the Churchland Baptist Church Cemetery. In 1968 a posthumous honor was given to Mapp by his alma-mater, the College of William and Mary with an oil portrait of Mapp with a plaque detailing his life and achievements, which was installed in Phi Beta Kappa Hall. The plaque inscription reads:

As an undergraduate, he won formal recognition for literary, forensic, athletic and leadership activities, receiving a number and variety of honors unexcelled in the history of the college.


This collection consists of material pertaining to Alf Mapp, Jr. and his father Alf Mapp, Sr. Material includes correspondence, clippings, historical research, written materials (articles, manuscripts, essays, poetry, and short stories), photographs, and administrative documents. These materials and items date from the early 1900s to 2008.


The collection is broken down into the following series: Series I, Personal; Series II, Newspaper Career; Series III, Historian; Series IV, Publishing; Series V, Teaching Career; Series VI, Professional Correspondence; Series VII, Civic and Political Activities; Series VIII, Publicity; Series IX, Alf Mapp, Sr. ; Series X, Photographs. Contents are filed in alpha-numerical order.

Series I: Personal. This series is subdivided into eleven subseries in regard to personal items relating to Alf Mapp, Jr.  Subseries A: Correspondence; Subseries B: School Work; Subseries C: Old Dominion Boy’s State; Subseries D: College of William and Mary; Subseries E: Norfolk Division of William and Mary/Old Dominion College; Subseries F: Cards; Subseries G: Personal Finances; Subseries H: Property; Subseries I: Family; Subseries J: Diaries and Journals; Subseries K: Miscellaneous.

Series II: Newspaper Career. This series is subdivided into four subseries covering the newspaper career of Mapp Jr., from elementary school to the Portsmouth editor of the Virginian Pilot. Subseries A: School Newspapers; Subseries B: Portsmouth Star; Subseries C: Richmond Times Dispatch; Subseries D: Virginian Pilot.

Series III: Historian. This series is subdivided into three subseries, consisting of correspondence with other historians and historical research on various subjects including Thomas Jefferson and local history. Subseries A: Correspondence and Notes; Subseries B: Thomas Jefferson; Subseries C: Other Historical Research.

Series IV: Publishing. This series is subdivided into fourteen subseries, encompassing the written works of Alf Mapp, Jr., consisting of materials and correspondence related to his novels, magazine and newspaper submissions, reviews, other written works (essays and poetry), and correspondence with other writers and writing societies. Subseries A: Virginia Experiment (1957); Subseries B: Frock Coats and Epaulets (1963); Subseries C: America Creates Its Own Literature (1967); Subseries D: Just One Man (1968); Subseries E: The Golden Dragon (1974); Subseries F: Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity (1987); Subseries G: Portsmouth: A Pictorial History (1989); Subseries H:  Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (1991); Subseries I: Bed of Honor (1996); Subseries J: Three Golden Ages (1998); Subseries K: Faiths of Our Fathers (2003); Subseries L: Reviews; Subseries M: Other Writings; Subseries N: Literature and English.

Series V:  Teaching Career. This series is subdivided into four subseries in regard to Mapp’s teaching career, covering Old Dominion University and the various conferences that he attended. Subseries A: Old Dominion University-Professional; Subseries B: Old Dominion University-Other; Subseries C: Teaching-Other; Subseries D: Conferences.

Series VI: Professional Correspondence. This series compiles correspondence between Mapp Jr. and business entities (i.e. publishers). There are no subseries within this series.

Series VII: Civic and Political Activities. This series details Mapp’s involvement in the local community, consisting of correspondence, meetings and speaking engagements. The series is subdivided into twenty-two subseries. Subseries A: Brookings Institution; Subseries B: Churchland Baptist Church; Subseries C: Council for America’s First Freedom; Subseries D: Democratic Government Commission; Subseries E: Great Bridge Battlefield and History Foundation; Subseries F: Interclub Council; Subseries G: Jamestowne Society; Subseries H: Miller Center for Public Affairs; Subseries I: Order of the Cape Henry 1607; Subseries J: Portsmouth Bi-Centennial Commission; Subseries K: Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce; Subseries L: Portsmouth Historical Association; Subseries M: Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission; Subseries N: Portsmouth Public Library; Subseries O: Portsmouth Rotary Club; Subseries P: Virginia Cultural Laureate Society; Subseries Q: Virginia Historical Society; Subseries R: Virginia Symphony; Subseries S: Other Organizations; Subseries T: Awards and Recognitions; Subseries U: Political Writings and Speeches; Subseries V: Speaking Engagements.

Series VIII: Publicity. This series is in regard to publicity about or involving Mapp, which consists of clippings, articles, reviews, book signings, advertisements, and press releases. There are no subseries within this series.

Series IX: Alf Mapp, Sr. This series details the life and work of Mapp’s father who was superintendent of Portsmouth public schools from 1950 to 1965. The series consists of correspondence, personal papers, administrative documents from the Portsmouth public school system and from the Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project. The series is subdivided into five subseries: Subseries A: Correspondence; Subseries B: Papers; Subseries C: Portsmouth Public Schools; Subseries D: Alf J. Mapp Junior High School; Subseries E: Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project.

Series X: Photographs. This series describes the life of Mapp, his family, and those around him in pictures. The series is subdivided into seven subseries: Subseries A: Portraits; Subseries B: Informal Photos; Subseries C: Old Dominion University; Subseries D: Civic and Political Activities; Subseries E: Public Appearances; Subseries F: Alf Mapp, Sr.; Subseries G: Miscellaneous.


The materials in this collection were donated by Alf Mapp, Jr.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


The collection consists of thirty-three Hollinger document cases, three photo boxes, two binder cases, one item box, and three oversize boxes.


RG 17-5B6


Series I: Personal

Subseries A: Correspondence

Box 1

  1. Correspondence, 1930, 1935-1936
  2. Correspondence, 1940-1941
  3. Correspondence, 1941-1942 (I)
  4. Correspondence, 1941-1942 (II)
  5. Correspondence, 1942-1948
  6. Correspondence, 1948-1949
  7. Correspondence, 1950-1957
  8. Correspondence, 1957-1959
  9. Correspondence, 1960-1962

Box 2

  1. Correspondence, 1963-1965
  2. Correspondence, 1966-1969
  3. Correspondence, 1970-1979
  4. Correspondence, 1980-1988
  5. Correspondence, 1988-1989
  6. Correspondence, 1990-1995
  7. Correspondence, 1995-1999
  8. Correspondence, 2000-2005

Box 3

  1. Correspondence, Undated

Subseries B: School Work

  1. Chapter chronicle of Quill and Scroll Society, undated
  2. Doodlings/drawings, undated
  3. Elementary school certificate of honor, 1932-1933 session
  4. Notebooks, undated
  5. Public speaking class: notebook, materials, and clippings, undated
  6. Report cards,  undated and 1941
  7. School Work (I), undated
  8. School Work (II), undated

Subseries C: Old Dominion Boy’s State

  1. Old Dominion Boy’s State: information, May-June, 1940
  2. Old Dominion Boy’s State newsletter, The Old Dominion Record, June 24-28, 1940

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5: Old Dominion Boy’s State newsletter, The Old Dominion Record, June 29, 1940

Subseries D: College of William and Mary

  1. Alumni Annual Fund, March 7, 1989
  2. Certificate for recognition of public service and Order of the White Jacket Society, October 1993

Box 4

  1. Class schedules, undated
  2. College blue books, 1941-1942
  3. College notebook with education class notes, 1941
  4. College work: William and Mary, 1941-1942 (I)
  5. College work: William and Mary,1941-1942 (II)
  6. “Luncheon honoring Virginians: tercentenary homecoming” October 22, 1993
  7. Orientation program, September 15-19, 1941

Subseries E: Norfolk Division of William and Mary/Old Dominion College

  1. Baccalaureate service, June 4, 1961
  2. College work: Norfolk Division of William and Mary, 1944-1961 (I)
  3. College work: Norfolk Division of William and Mary, 1944-1961  (II)
  4. College work: Norfolk Division of William and Mary, 1944-1961  (III)
  5. Correspondence, 1946-1959

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 6: “Norfolk William and Mary Awards degrees to 201,” Ledger-Dispatch and Star, June 8, 1961

Subseries F: Cards

Box 5

  1. Anniversary cards: 1960-1992
  2. Birthday cards: 1939-1998
  3. Christmas cards: 1948-1993
  4. Easter cards: 1986-1987
  5. Father’s Day cards: 1973-1992
  6. Get well cards: 1982, 1986
  7. Graduation cards: 1941, 1961
  8. Invitations: 1956-1999
  9. Thank You cards: 1989, 1991
  10. Valentines Day Cards: circa 1930s, 1972-1992
  11. Miscellaneous cards:  1953-1992

Subseries G: Personal Finances

Box 6

  1. Books that Mapp ordered for the Portsmouth Public Library, January 13, 1999
  2. Check register, August 30, 1971-August 22, 1972
  3. Insurance policies: 1985, 1996
  4. Jeanne W. King, Word processing services, 1998, 2002-2003
  5. Minor car accident, September 16, 1978
  6. Pay envelope from the Portsmouth Star, undated
  7. Pay stubs, 1979
  8. Personal property tax bill, 1986
  9. State of Virginia retirement: 1983, 1991, 2007

Subseries H: Property

  1. Contracting/construction work on house for Alf and Ramona Mapp, September 25, 1976
  2. Lancaster County land (maps, deeds, and correspondence), 1936, 1954, 1957, 1966-1967, 1973, 1980, 1997
  3. Sales contract of Mapp’s former home on 200 Maryland Avenue in Portsmouth, Virginia. June 17, 1980
  4. Unclaimed property account belonging to Mapp, 2008

Subseries I: Family

  1. Article: “John A. Mapp, wife Elizabeth Mapp die”- Richmond Times Dispatch, August 18, 2002
  2. “Babies” dictated by Alf J. Mapp, III age 3 and a half; typed by Hartley Lockhart Mapp, June 22, 1961
  3. Biographical information, Alf Mapp, Jr., undated
  4. Biographical information, Ramona H. Mapp, undated
  5. Clippings pertaining to the announcement of Julia Hartley Lockhart and Alf Mapp, Jr. January  1953
  6. Copy of Mapp’s birth records, September 16, 1991
  7. Marriage certificate of Mapp and Hartley Lockhart, March 28, 1953 (from the office of the register of deeds, Mecklenburg County, Virginia, December 14, 1989)
  8. Program for the funeral service of Nan Henderson Mapp Fuller, August 15, 2003
  9. Family correspondence between Mapp’s family members, undated
  10. Family genealogy research correspondence, 1938-1992
  11. Family genealogy research correspondence, 1992-2000
  12. Family genealogy research (loose papers) I, undated
  13. Family genealogy research (loose papers) II, undated
  14. Family genealogical research notebook, undated
  15. Sermon book/diary  belonging to A. B. Dunaway (relative), 1877-1904

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • “Working Women” promotional supplement to the Norfolk Compass, published as part of the Ledger-Star and Virginian-Pilot, May 9, 1984
  • “’Renaissance Woman’ devotes her time as artistic mentor for kids,” Portsmouth Times, February 3, 1993

Oversize Box 6:

  • Engagement announcement for Miss Julia Hartley Lockhart, The Charlotte Observer, January 25, 1953
  • “Julia Lockhart and Alf J Mapp, Jr. will be married in spring ceremony,” Virginia Pilot, January 25, 1953; Robyns/Robins genealogical table, undated
  • “Memories: teachers who made a difference,” Virginian-Pilot, November 18, 1994

Subseries J: Diaries and journals

Box 7

  1. Calendars filled in with appointments by Mapp: 1964, 1981, 1982, 1988, 1995
  2. Personal diaries, 1934-1939
  3. Personal journal, circa 1950s
  4. Weekly planners, undated, 1978, 1979, 1986

Subseries K: Miscellaneous

  1. Address of friends, undated
  2. Printout of Mapp’s website (http://www.alfmappjr.com/teacher-author-lecturer.html): 2003, 2004
  3. Miscellaneous notes (I), undated
  4. Miscellaneous notes (II), undated
  5. Miscellaneous papers, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • Hand drawn map Princess Anne County done on cardboard, undated
  • Plat of Irene D. Carney property, February 8, 1920 (map/blueprint)
  • Plan of Capitol View in Henrico County (in fragile condition) , undated
  • Color map of Pennsylvania (in fragile condition), circa 1800s
Series II: Newspaper Career

Subseries A: School Newspapers

Box 8

  1. “The Beacon”-Port Norfolk Elementary School, 1936-1937
  2. Correspondence from Washington Lee High School, October 15, 1940
  3. Woodrow Wilson High School Newspaper: The Student, October 25, 1940
  4. Printed pictures to be used in the “Student,” undated
  5. Weekly broadcast sponsored by the “Student” newspaper: typewritten scripts, undated
  6. Writing material and draft for the school newspaper?, 1940
  7. Report on the High Hat Staff, April 27, 1945

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4: contains 11 issues of the Woodrow Wilson High School Newspaper: The Student (November 17, 1939; March 15 1940; October 25 1940; November 8 1940; January 17, 1941; February 21, 1941; March 7 1941; March 21 1941; April 4, 1941; April 25, 1941; May 9 1941) (in fragile condition)

Subseries B: Portsmouth Star

  1. Articles written by Mapp, undated
  2. Biographical information for the Portsmouth Star, undated
  3. Correspondence, 1943-1946
  4. Correspondence, 1947-1956
  5. Handwritten and typewritten drafts of  “Portsmouth where the past plays hide and seek,” undated
  6. Listing of top selling headlines, undated
  7. National conference of editorial writers membership request, July 9, 1951
  8. News drafts and notes, undated
  9. Pulitzer prize in journalism nomination, 1953
  10. Winston Churchill’s visit to Williamsburg, March 1946

Subseries C: Richmond Times Dispatch

  1. Articles written by Mapp: 1952
  2. Correspondence: 1951, 1955, 1958, 1959
  3. Submitted articles for Virginia views, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • “Letter of reminiscences sidelights war’s events,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 23, 1952
  • “Norris Bridge opens many areas of neck to state visitors,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 9, 1958

Subseries D: Virginia Pilot

  1. Annexation series editorial: saying ‘yea’ and ‘nay’ on Portsmouth annexation (typewritten draft), March 29, 1954
  2. Articles written by Mapp, 1954-1957
  3. Correspondence, 1954-1958
  4. “The Pilot House”: articles, undated
  5. Registration of a claim to copyright for the article “Bay Region Dwarfs Dreams,” April 11, 1964

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • “Delight to children, convenience to adults, ferry system’s future is importance to all,” Virginian-Pilot, March 8, 1954
  • “He’s one reason why…Portsmouth people prefer the Virginian-Pilot” (newspaper ad featuring Mapp as Portsmouth editor), June 20, 1954
  • “Norfolk County ferries face the final voyage,” Virginian-Pilot and Portsmouth Star, August 14, 1955
  • “Frank Mac Donald: He makes ideas exciting, meaningful,” Virginian-Pilot and Portsmouth Star, September 4, 1955

Oversize Box 6:

  • “Robert E. Lee stamp protests recall his visit to Norfolk,” The Virginian-Pilot and Portsmouth Star, September 18, 1955
  • “The Old Dominion’s spirit captured by a French geographer’s survey,” The Virginian-Pilot and Portsmouth Star, December 11, 1955
  • “The Virginia Tradition: a witty and scholarly study of a culture’” The Virginian-Pilot and Portsmouth Star, February 12, 1956
Series III: Historian

Subseries A: Correspondence and Notes

Box 9

  1. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1957-1990
  2. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1990-1991
  3. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1991-1992
  4. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1992
  5. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1993-1995
  6. Correspondence with fellow historians, 1996-2004
  7. Correspondence with fellow historians, undated
  8. Historical research materials and notes (I), undated
  9. Historical research materials and notes (II), undated

Box 10

  1. Notebook with research notes (I), undated
  2. Notebook with research notes (II), undated
  3. Notebook with research notes (III), undated

Subseries B: Thomas Jefferson

  1. Audio cassettes-Hear/Say WHRV 89.5 FM “The Thomas Jefferson Show” , undated
  2. Thomas Jefferson: A birthday celebration, April 13, 1993
  3. Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression: 1994, 1996
  4. “Thomas Jefferson: A complex legacy” television program (press release), undated
  5. The creative side of Thomas Jefferson (television listing), 2004
  6. The Jefferson Debate, 1997
  7. Founding Fathers Interactive: Forging a Nation, 1992-1993
  8. Jefferson-Hemmings Scholars Commission (I), 2000
  9. Jefferson-Hemmings Scholars Commission (II), 2001
  10. The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, 1997-2000
  11. Television program: Thomas Jefferson an intimate portrait (correspondence and materials), 1990

Box 11

  1. Jefferson related articles written by Mapp, 1987, 1988, 1998, 2008, undated
  2. “Author’s books show insight into Jefferson,” by Terry Grimes, The Headland Observer, January 14, 1999
  3. Research materials on Jefferson, 1997-2004
  4. Thomas Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation of Church and State” discussion, September 27-28, 2002
  5. Tidewater Jefferson Meeting on the Constitution, 1987
  6. WAVY TV 10, Andy Fox interview with Mapp on Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy (DVD), undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • “The training of a famous traitor,” Williamsburg Magazine, September 1987
  • “The Art of Politics,” PortFolio Weekly, November 16-22, 1999 

Subseries C: Other Historical Research

  1. Biographical series on Maury, 1962 (?)
  2. History of Norfolk Symposium, 1988-1989 (I)
  3. History of Norfolk Symposium, 1988-1989 (II)
  4. Jamestown to Yorktown, WAVY-TV program, 1975-1977 (materials)
  5. Portsmouth historical research materials, 1977, 1983, 1999, 2000, undated
  6. Portsmouth Virginia World War II History Committee, 1945-1946
  7. Project grant application to research James Monroe, February 1968
  8. Research on William Ambrose Brown, undated
  9. Revolutionary War notes, undated
  10. Role of the Chesapeake Bay in the American Revolution, 1974-1981
  11. “Some geographical definitions for Eastern Virginia,” undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 6: “The Battle of Great Bridge,” Chesapeake Clipper, July 2, 1995

Box 12

  1. Tidewater or Hampton Roads, Virginia postmark debate, 1983
  2. Virginia department of conservation and recreation production of “First Landing 1607,” 2000

Series IV: Publishing

Subseries A: Virginia Experiment (published 1957)

  1. Contracts, 1956,1975
  2. Copyright certificates, 1957, 1985
  3. Correspondence, 1944-1956
  4. Correspondence, 1957
  5. Correspondence, 1957-1961
  6. Correspondence, 1963-2007
  7. Royalties received, 1960-1981

Subseries B: Frock Coats and Epaulets (published 1963)

  1. Contracts: undated, 1986
  2. Copyright registration, 1982
  3. Correspondence, 1958-1962

Box 13

  1. Correspondence, 1962-1963
  2. Correspondence, 1963-1982
  3. Correspondence, 1985-1996
  4.  “Frock coats and epaulets: men who led the Confederacy-some plain talk on rebels and Yankees”, undated essay by Mapp
  5. Olde Times magazine, September/October, 1985, contains prepublication excerpts from the revised edition of Frock Coats and Epaulets
  6. Research notes, undated
  7. “Thea Marshall Show” interview with Mapp regarding Frock Coats and Epaulets revised edition on WNDJ-FM, 1993 (audio cassette)

Subseries C: America Creates Its Own Literature (published 1967)

  1. Contract with Rand McNally & Co. February 7, 1964
  2. Correspondence, 1964-1974

Subseries D: Just One Man (published 1968)

  1. Agreement between Alf Mapp, Jr. and S. Judson Dunaway, 1964
  2. Certificate, registration of a claim to copyright, May 27, 1968
  3. Contract with Dietz Press, 1967
  4.  Correspondence, 1959-1965
  5. Correspondence, 1965-1967
  6. Correspondence, 1967-1973

Box 14

  1. Research materials on Judson Dunaway (I), undated
  2. Research materials on Judson Dunaway (II), undated
  3. Research materials on Judson Dunaway (III), undated
  4. Research material and notes  on Judson Dunaway by unknown author, undated
  5. Royalties received, 1970

Subseries E: The Golden Dragon (published 1974)

  1. Contracts: 1974, undated
  2. Correspondence, 1974-1988
  3. Correspondence, 1989-2002

Subseries F: Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity (published 1987)

  1. Author questionnaire, undated
  2. Contracts, 1986, 1987
  3. Correspondence, 1977-1986
  4. Correspondence, 1987-1988

Box 15

  1. Correspondence, 1988-1998
  2. Royalties received, 1988

Subseries G: Portsmouth: A Pictorial History (published 1989)

  1. Correspondence, 1986-1989

Subseries H:  Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (published 1991)

  1. Correspondence, 1989-1991
  2. Correspondence, 1991-1996
  3. Royalties received, 1992

Subseries I: Bed of Honor (published 1996)

  1. Correspondence, 1983-1992
  2. Correspondence, 1993-2000
  3. Plot summary, undated

Subseries J: Three Golden Ages (published 1998)

Box 16

  1. Contract, 1998
  2. Correspondence,1997-2000
  3. Early manuscript for The Three Golden Ages titled “Patterns of survival: Lessons in creativity from Renaissance Florence, Elizabethan England, and America’s founding fathers,” 1993
  4. “Thoughts on a Three Golden Ages TV series,” undated

Subseries K: Faiths of Our Fathers (published 2003)

  1. Correspondence, 2000-2008

Subseries L: Reviews

  1. Reviews done by Mapp, 1940s
  2. Reviews done by Mapp, 1950s
  3. Reviews done by Mapp, 1970s
  4. Reviews done by Mapp, 1980s
  5. Reviews done by Mapp, 1990s
  6. Reviews done by Mapp, undated
  7. Manuscript reviews completed by Mapp, undated
  8. Virginia Quarterly Review (correspondence regarding reviews done  by Mapp), 1977, 1993, 2004

Subseries M: Other Writings  

  1.  “About our pastor and his weekly columns,” commentary for Irvington Baptist Church , June 16, 2004
  2. American Heritage magazine, correspondence and manuscripts, 1958-1959
  3. American Mercury magazine, correspondence and manuscripts, 1960
  4. Atlantic Monthly magazine, correspondence and manuscripts, 1946, 1959, 1961
  5.  “Bright threads of Virginia history,” 1943
  6. “The Buccaneer of Barataria,” featured in “Verse makers” edited by Charles Day (newspaper clipping), 1938
  7. “Historian as creator,” undated
  8. “Implementation in the human as viewed by canon law, civil law, and natural reason,” proofread and edited by Mapp written by Howard Jones, Jr. M.D.; Richard McCormack, S. J.; Susan Crockin, J.D., undated
  9. “Is it true?”Articles for southern newspapers, 1948
  10. “It’s the truth,” correspondence and manuscripts,” 1959-1960

Box 17

  1.  “Jason and the Golden Fleece,” rejection letters and correspondence, 1960-1964
  2. “Jason and the Golden Fleece”-unpublished, handwritten manuscript, undated
  3. “Kurusu’s big moment,” undated
  4. Ladies Home Journal, correspondence , 1960-1961
  5. “Life lessons from Thomas Jefferson,” Bottom Line Personal Newsletter,  vol. 13, no. 17, September 15, 1992
  6. “A light for Edward,” 1959
  7. “The Lure of God,” undated
  8. “Lusty saint: Charlemagne and his times,” undated
  9. “Making words work: a rhetorical reader,” manuscript and correspondence, 1981
  10.  “The new four ocean challenge,” undated
  11. New York Herald Tribune, correspondence, 1955-1956
  12.  New York Times, correspondence and manuscripts, 1958-1985

Box 18

  1. “Night of memories and sighs,” undated
  2. “No more possessed,” undated
  3. “Noah Webster: the first American,” undated
  4. “The Northern peninsulas,” undated
  5. “Ode to the Corotoman,” 1940
  6. “Old Orchard,” undated
  7. Playboy magazine, correspondence and manuscripts, 1959-1960
  8. Reader’s Digest, correspondence and manuscripts, 1946; 1956-1961
  9. “Rivers and Roads of Middlesex County Virginia,” contains foreword by Alf Mapp, Jr., 1996
  10. Saturday Evening Post, correspondence and manuscripts, 1950-1960
  11. Saturday Review, correspondence and manuscripts, 1955-1959
  12.  “The 1774 defense of American liberty,” Olde Times magazine, Summer 1986
  13. “The South has lessons to teach,” manuscripts sent to the American Scholar, 1959
  14.  “Speak the speech,” undated
  15. “Stop pounding us with Plymouth Rock,” 1961
  16. “Tommy gets a new haircut,” correspondence and manuscript, 1960
  17. “Tommy Wilson and the Promised Land,” manuscripts sent to Jack and Jill Magazine, 1959

Box 19

  1. “Two republics-two empires,” undated
  2. True magazine, correspondence, 1958
  3.  “Vic,” 1944
  4. Virginia Cavalcade, correspondence and manuscripts, 1958-1977
  5. Virginia magazine, correspondence and manuscripts, 1957-1959
  6. Virginia Record, correspondence, 1958
  7. “Voice of the South,” Southeast Writers Handbook, correspondence and manuscript, 1992
  8. “Whom I have chosen,” correspondence and manuscript, 1963-1964
  9. “Words of help,” undated
  10. “Young  brains In old heads,” undated
  11. Miscellaneous writings (I), undated
  12. Miscellaneous writings (II), undated
  13. Poetry, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 6: “Spring festival in old Virginia,” New York Times, April 9, 1961

Subseries N: Literature and English

  1. Correspondence with fellow writers, 1962-2003
  2. Notebook with notes on literature, undated

Box 20

  1. Poetry Society of Virginia: constitution/resolutions, 1965, 1972, 1973
  2. Poetry Society of Virginia: contests, 1973, 1974, 1998
  3. Poetry Society of Virginia: correspondence, 1971-1975
  4. Poetry Society of Virginia: events, 1973, 1975
  5. Poetry Society of Virginia: meetings, 1972, 1988
  6. Poetry Society of Virginia: member listings/directories, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1997
  7. Poetry Society of Virginia: newsletter, October 1997
  8. Virginia Writers Club: 1971, 1980

Series V: Teaching Career

Subseries A: Old Dominion University-Personnel

  1. Alan Rufus Tonelson Award, 1988
  2. Annual teaching contracts with the College/University, 1961-1974
  3. Biographical information for the university, undated
  4. Faculty information sheets and reports, 1971-1988
  5. Jaffe English Professor honor, 1990
  6. ODU Alumni: Association Distinguished Alumni Award, 1982
  7. Outstanding Educator of America Award, 1972
  8. Request for released time for research and creative activity, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988
  9. School of Arts and Letters, student course and instruction evaluations, 1972-1976

Box 21

  1. School of Arts and Letters, student course and instruction evaluations, 1977-1981
  2. School of Arts and Letters, student course and instruction evaluations, 1982-1992
  3. Tenure, 1973-1990
  4. Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards, 1988

Subseries B: Old Dominion University-Other

  1. American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, March 1971
  2. Class materials prepared by Mapp, undated
  3. Correspondence with faculty and staff,1961-1987
  4. Correspondence with faculty and staff, 1988-2005

Box 22

  1. Correspondence with faculty and staff, undated
  2. Correspondence with other colleges and universities, 1965-2006
  3. English classes which Mapp taught, undated
  4. English department reports, 1973-1991
  5. “The English major and careers in journalism and non-fiction writing,” by Alf Mapp, Jr., undated
  6. Faculty awards and retirement dinner, April 28, 1992
  7. Guest speakers and lectures program, 1975-1977
  8. Institute for learning in retirement: Virginia Beach Higher Education Center-schedule of courses for spring 2004
  9. Lectures, undated, 1989
  10. Lesson plans incorporated with the “Virginia Experiment,” 1959
  11. Old Dominion University Literary Festival announcements, 1980, 1987, 1990, 1991
  12. Old Dominion University Literary Festival correspondence, 1980, 1989
  13. “Old Dominion University: A closer look,” features testimonial form Mapp on pg. 43, 1985
  14. Parking violation,  November 7, 1974
  15. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1981-1994
  16. “Publications and papers read by members of the English department of Old Dominion University,” December 1975
  17. School of Continuing Studies: History 396, Jamestown to Yorktown Virginia on the Road to Independence, undated
  18. State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV), 1986-1989
  19. “Why major in English,” Department of English (has contribution by Mapp), undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5:

  • “’Running’ takes short story prize,” Old Dominion University News, February 1, 1974
  • “Old Dominion…Past, present, and future,” The Courier, January 15, 1988
  • “ODU English program rocked by retirements”/“Colleges will be able to replace most early retirees, Va. Says,” Virginian Pilot, October 21, 1991

Subseries C: Teaching-Other

 Box 23

  1. Creative writing class at Wilson High School (from article “ODU to start course in Portsmouth school”), undated
  2. Writing workshop for Independent Tidewater Schools, undated

Subseries D: Conferences

  1. Conference perspectives on public policy, March 17-29, 1985
  2. Great American Achievements Conference: November 1977
  3. “Lower Tidewater: Family, neighborhood and church” presented by the Humanities and Social Sciences Division of the Frederick Campus of TCC, April 30-May 1, 1982
  4. Second annual Tidewater Writer’s Conference, October 21, 1978
  5. Southeastern conference on English in the two year college, 1976, 1977, 1980
  6. Virginia Association of Teachers of English, 1989
  7. Virginia humanities conference, 1977

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4: “Model for intellectual growth: symposium readings catalysts for reading, writing, speaking skills,” [Lynchburg College newsletter], undated

Series VI: Professional Correspondence

  1. Addresses and numbers of various publishers and editors, undated
  2. Author’s Guild: correspondence and materials, 1964-1990
  3. Book of the Month Club correspondence, 1957-1958, 1963
  4. Contemporary Authors, biographical information and correspondence, 1963-1965
  5. Bobbs-Merill Company, correspondence for an article on his father for Education magazine, 1961
  6. Dictionary of Virginia Biography  correspondence, 1983-1992
  7. Directory of American Scholars correspondence, 1974-1975
  8. Hereditary Register of the United States of America correspondence, 1986
  9. National Cyclopedia of National Biography correspondence and materials, 1972-1974
  10. Professional correspondence with publishers, 1955-2005
  11. Virginia Authors Yearbook: correspondence, 1956-1958
  12. Virginia Lives: the Old Dominion Who’s Who correspondence and materials, 1963
  13. Who’s Who: correspondence and materials, 1965-1999
  14. Miscellaneous professional correspondence, 1952-2006
  15. Miscellaneous professional correspondence, undated

Series VII: Civic and Political Activities

Subseries A: Brookings Institution

Box 24

  1. Conference on perspectives on public policy, 1981-1989
  2. Correspondence, 1983-1990

Subseries B: Churchland Baptist Church

  1. Churchland Baptist Church, Sanctuary Dedication,  May 12, 1963
  2. “Churchland Baptist Memories,” documentary rough script, 2000
  3. The Churchland Spire Newsletter, October 1998
  4. Church program, 1997
  5. Correspondence, 1996
  6. “Lenten lectures follow path of Founding Fathers; scholar Mapp leads series,” February 16, 23, and March 2nd 1997

Subseries C: Council for America’s First Freedom

  1. Correspondence, 1990-1997, 2004
  2. Endowment information, August 30, 1994
  3. First Freedom student competition, 2004/2005
  4. Meetings, 1994-1997
  5. “Opening statement of Alf Mapp, Jr. for an American conversation, State Capitol, Richmond, VA., October 14, 1995
  6. Religious Freedom Day, 1996

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 3: Four video tapes of Religious Freedom Day with footage and TV coverage, with receipt of videos, January 15, 1995.

Subseries D: Democratic Government Commission

  1. Correspondence, 1965-1968
  2. Meetings, 1967
  3. Resolutions, 1966
  4. Speeches, undated

Subseries E: Great Bridge Battlefield and History Foundation

Box 25

  1. Correspondence, 2000
  2. General information, 2000
  3. Newsletter, June, 2004
  4. Open house honoring new board members, June 14 (no year given)

Subseries F: Interclub Council

  1. Correspondence, 1949-1951
  2. Neighborhood improvement speech, undated
  3. Polio prevention program, 1950
  4. Questionnaires, 1949
  5. Reports, 1950

Subseries G: Jamestowne Society

  1. Correspondence, 1967-2006
  2. Meetings, 1972-1978
  3. Newsletters, 1980, 1988, 1989
  4. Jamestowne Society speech, May 8, 1982 (audio cassette)
  5. Written speeches, 1974, 1980

Subseries H: Miller Center for Public Affairs

  1. Correspondence, 1981-2006
  2. Forms and lectures, 1982, 1989, 2003
  3. The Miller Center Bicentennial Series on Constitutionalism, undated
  4. Miller Center Report, Summer 1992

Subseries I: Order of the Cape Henry 1607
Box 26

  1. Correspondence, 1976-1989
  2. Events, 1975, 1976, 1999
  3. Meetings, 1975

Subseries J: Portsmouth Bicentennial Commission

  1. Applications, 1973
  2. Clippings/articles, 1967-1976
  3. Correspondence, 1952-1975
  4. Correspondence, 1975-1976
  5. Correspondence, 1976-1985
  6. Essay contest,1975
  7. Events, 1974-1981
  8. Meetings, 1974-1981
  9. Members listing, 1974, 1975
  10. Portsmouth Bicentennial Commission Religious Institutions Outreach, 1975

Box 27

  1. Reports, 1974-1976
  2. Resolutions adapted,1973, 1976
  3. Miscellaneous material, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4: “Pride grows with victory in All-America contest,” Ledger-Star, April 18, 1976

Subseries K: Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

  1. Correspondence, 1955,1987
  2. Meetings, 1979, 1981

Subseries L: Portsmouth Historical Association

  1. Article: “Historical Association Elects New Officers,” Ledger Star, May 15, 1975
  2. Correspondence, 1956-1957
  3. Meetings, 1988
  4. Portsmouth Historical Association Membership Card, 1992

Subseries M: Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission

  1. Clippings, 1984-1985
  2. Collecting policy for the Portsmouth, adopted August 25, 1981
  3. Committee assignments, November 1982
  4. Correspondence, 1981-1985
  5. Correspondence, 1986-1999
  6. H.M.S. Rose Ceremony, 1991
  7. Materials regarding the Mary Rose: A Tudor Ship of War, June 3, 1985
  8. Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission Meetings, 1983-1985
  9. Membership card for Portsmouth Museums, 1995
  10. “Re-dedication of a Courthouse: Re-birth of a city,” June 1, 1994
  11. Reports, 1982-1984
  12. Resolutions, 1983, 1985
  13. Miscellaneous,  undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 5: “1846 Courthouse hailed as ‘a symbol’,” Portsmouth Currents, June 5-6, 1984

Subseries N: Portsmouth Public Library

  1. Correspondence, 1988-2002
  2. Friends of the Public Library-Portsmouth-Suffolk Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, 1999, 2000
  3. Statement to the Board of the Portsmouth Public Library by Mapp on desegregating the library, November 18, 1958

Subseries O: Portsmouth Rotary Club

Box 28

  1. Portsmouth Rotary Club bulletin, October 1985
  2. Committees and roster book, 1952-1953
  3. Correspondence, 1954-1958

Subseries P: Virginia Cultural Laureate Society

  1. Correspondence, 1981-1988
  2. Lectures and dinners, 1981-1986
  3. Members listing, circa 1980s
  4. Newsletter,  1989

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4: “Portsmouth’s Mapp cited as Va. laureate,” Portsmouth Currents, December 27, 1981

Subseries Q: Virginia Historical Society

  1. Correspondence, 1944-1990
  2. Speeches, 1977

Subseries R: Virginia Symphony

  1. Correspondence, 1987-2004
  2. “Thomas Jefferson: A vision of America,” materials, 1994-1997

Subseries S: Other Organizations

  1. Citizens Committee on Taxes and Mandates, 1982-1984
  2. City of Norfolk African-American History Advisory Committee, 2004
  3. Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, 1984, 1993
  4. Feldman Chamber Music Society, 1954
  5. International Platform Association, 1965, 1972

Box 29

  1. Irene Leache Memorial Society, 1963-1968
  2. Norfolk Historical Society, 1965-1999
  3. Order of First Families in Virginia, 1989-1993
  4. Portsmouth Child Care Center, 1962-1965
  5. Portsmouth Community Chest, 1950, 1956
  6. Portsmouth Public Schools, 1949, 1991
  7. Torch Club of Portsmouth, 1961
  8. United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1952, 1990
  9. Virginian Citizens Planning Association, 1978
  10. Virginian Commission for the Arts, 1985-1986, 1988
  11. Virginia Daughters of the Revolution, 1988, 1990, 1995, 2001, 2005
  12. Virginia Legends Walk, 1999
  13. Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1956-1958, 1980, 1999, 2004
  14. Virginia State Democratic Convention, undated

Subseries T: Awards and Recognitions

  1.  First Citizen of Portsmouth, 1985
  2. Gladstone M. Hill Friend of the Arts Award, 1996
  3. Liberty Bell Award, 1985
  4. Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America, 1993
  5. Portsmouth Notables, October 1987
  6. Portsmouth Young Man of the Year, 1952

Subseries U: Political Writings and Speeches

  1. Various writings and speeches, A-W, undated
  2. Various writings and speeches, untitled, undated

Subseries V: Speaking Engagements

  1. Speaking engagements, 1940-1949
  2. Speaking engagements, 1950-1959
  3. Speaking engagements, 1960-1969

Box 30

  1. Speaking engagements, 1970-1979
  2. Speaking engagements, 1980-1989
  3. Speaking engagements, 1990-1999
  4. Speaking engagements, 2000-2006
  5. Speaking engagements, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4:

  • “Authors give historical characters life,” Portsmouth Currents, March 15-16, 1984
  • “Schools’ pep rally psychs up teachers,” Portsmouth Currents, August 31-September 1, 1989
  • “Author’s event to feature Alf Mapp, Jr.,” Portsmouth Currents, November 4-5, 1993

Oversize Box 5:

  • “Mrs. Joseph Parker presents Cobbs Hall Chapter with American Heritage exhibit,” The Northumberland Echo, April 22, 1976
  • “Alf Mapp Jr., addresses DAR,” Rappahannock Record, April 22, 1976

Series VIII: Publicity

  1. “Alf Mapp, Jr. clarifies misconceptions about year 1619 in Virginia”-Newsy Notes: Portsmouth Area Retired Teachers Association, May 1967, pg.2
  2. Book signing at Old Dominion University, December 7 (no year given)
  3. Clippings and articles in regard to Mapp, 1941-2003
  4. Clippings pertaining to Old Dominion University and Mapp, 1964-2007
  5. Clippings in regard to friends and family, 1976-1992
  6. “Independent” newsletter, Autumn 1995
  7. Metro Magazine article: “The writing crowd: on the verge of a renaissance” pg. 45-49, July 1978
  8. Mid-Atlantic Country Magazine, September 1987, article “At Home with Alf Mapp, Jr.
  9. News releases from Old Dominion University, 1972-2004
  10. New Virginia Review book and author tour, undated
  11. “Our Editor and Our Authors,” undated
  12. Piedmont Airlines Exclusive: Hampton Roads Report (mentions Mapp, Jr. on pg. 71), undated
  13. Press release for “Hear Say with Cathy Lewis” on This Month in Virginia History: Jamestown 2007 with Alf J. Mapp, Jr., June 13, 2006
  14. Publicity regarding Bed of Honor (articles, reviews, press releases, clippings, book signings), 1983-1996
  15. Publicity regarding Faiths of Our Fathers (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings, book signings), 2003-2004
  16. Publicity regarding Frocks Coats and Epaulets (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings), 1963-1996
  17. Publicity regarding The Golden Dragon (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings), 1974-1975
  18. Publicity regarding Just One Man (reviews, clippings), 1968

Box 31

  1. Publicity regarding Portsmouth: A Pictorial History (articles, reviews, press releases, book signings), 1989, 2006
  2. Publicity regarding Thomas Jefferson: A Strange Case of Mistaken Identity (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings, book signings), 1987-1989
  3. Publicity regarding Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings, book signings), 1991-1992
  4. Publicity regarding The Three Golden Ages (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings, book signings), 1998-1999
  5. Publicity regarding The Virginia Experiment (advertisements, reviews, press releases, clippings), 1957-2006
  6. “Spend an evening with Alf Mapp”-Mapp discussing Passionate Pilgrim at Greenbrier Country Club, November 13, 1993
  7. State Board of Education Bulletin-Teachers Reading Course School Year, 1957-1958 (features The Virginia Experiment)
  8. Sterling Point Garden Club Spring Home and Garden Tour (tour includes Mapp’s Home), April 13, 1991
  9. “Virginia” magazine, November 1951 (has article on Mapp, pgs. 19-21) and accompanying article from the Eastern Shore News, January 3, 1952
  10. The Virginia Mayflower Newsletter, May 2007

Oversize material: Oversize Box 4:

  • “Mapp’s book received in library: ‘Virginia Experiment among new volumes; novels numerous,” Virginian-Pilot, March 18, 1957
  • “Alf Mapp charts the life of Alfred the Great,” Newport News Times-Herald, April 17, 1975
  • Article “Garden Tour: Alf Mapp home captures charm of 18th Century,” Portsmouth Currents, April 6-7, 1979
  • “Common bonds led to biography,” Richmond-Times Dispatch, April 20, 1987
  • “Professor freshens Jefferson’s image,” Mace and Crown, April 23, 1987
  • “Portsmouth, Celebrating Achievement: A spotlight on the cultural, economic, political and personal achievements of the people of Portsmouth,” published by Dominion Bank October 11-17, 1987
  • Connoisseur, Hampton Roads Homes and Gardens: A PortFolio Weekly special section.  “At Home with Ramona and Alf Mapp”, March 1990
  • “’Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim’ Alf Mapp’s second volume on Jefferson brings to light the emotional side of America’s third president-from his two terms in office to his quest to establish the University of Virginia,” The Courier, October 4, 1991
  • “News & features: the scene,” has picture of Mapp and Jay Weinberg at the Thomas Jefferson Religious Freedom Essay Awards Ceremony, Style newsmagazine, July 11, 1995
  • “Portsmouth revisited: these scenes of Portsmouth 100 years ago have come to life again in ‘Bed of Honor,’ Alf J. Mapp Jr.’s first novel,” Portsmouth Currents, December 8, 1995
  • Poster: “Join us in honoring Alf Mapp, author and eminent professor who will be signing copies of his books, Thursday, December 7th 11:30-1:30 at the ODU Bookstore,” undated  

Oversize Box 5:

  • A Mapp of History,” Virginian Pilot/Ledger-Star, April 19, 1987
  • “Our grand opening is in the books,” advertisement from Community Trust Bank giving away free copies of Thomas Jefferson: A strange case of mistaken identity in return for opening an account, Portsmouth Currents, October 4, 1987
  • “Retreats along the water,” Portsmouth Currents, August 1, 1999

Series IX: Alf Mapp, Sr. Subseries A: Correspondence

  1. Correspondence, 1931
  2. Correspondence, 1931-1932
  3. Correspondence, 1932-1936

Box 32

  1. Correspondence, 1941-1966
  2. Correspondence, undated

Subseries B: Papers

  1. “Activities of A. J. Mapp at the College of William and Mary,” undated
  2. Biographical sketch of Alf Mapp, Sr. from Virginia Lives, The Old Dominion’s Who’s Who, 1964
  3. Clipping of announcement of Mapp Sr. and Claire Lorraine Carney, 1922
  4. Insurance policy,  June 16, 1965
  5. 1903 report card of Lorraine Carney (wife of Alf Mapp, Sr.) from Mrs. Dunaway’s Primary School, Port Norfolk, Virginia
  6. U.S. ration books for members of the Mapp family, 1940s
  7. Virginia Journal of Education, with Mapp’s notes both written on and inserted, January 1934
  8. World War II related items, 1940s

Subseries C: Portsmouth Public Schools

  1. Administrative documents, 1965
  2. Annual spring awards assembly: Craddock High School, May 26, 1965
  3. Articles in regard to Mapp’s service as superintendent, undated,1955-1965
  4. Articles in regard to Mapp’s retirement,1965-1966
  5. Articles in regard to Mapp’s death, 1966-1968
  6. Biographical references, high school administration, undated
  7. Correspondence, 1937, 1965-1966
  8. Constitution of the student council of Woodrow Wilson High School, adopted Spring 1926, amended April 1927; June 6, 1938
  9. Craddock High School Baccalaureate and Commencement Program, 1965
  10. Dedication of Parkview Elementary School, program, December 10, 1957
  11. “Facts about Portsmouth collected and condensed by Louise N. Fontaine from The Portsmouth Story by Marshall W. Butt for grades 5, 6, and 7,” undated
  12. Graduation announcements: Woodrow Wilson High School, 1965
  13. Honorary life member card for the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1965
  14. Minimum requirements for eligible list of division superintendent, 1935
  15.  Negro and white school needs, 1955
  16. “Newsy Notes” newsletter of the Portsmouth Area Retired Teacher’s Association: March 1965, October 1965, October 1966
  17. Norfolk public schools, kindergarten-primary grades revised course of study: social studies, 1929
  18. Portsmouth Education Association banquet honoring Alf J. Mapp, Officers Club, Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, May 24, 1962
  19. Portsmouth Public Schools History, written by Mapp, Sr., undated
  20. Program: “Special Assembly” in honor of Alf J. Mapp, March 3, 1965
  21. Promotion to superintendent, 1950
  22. Quill and Scroll: Woodrow Wilson chapter, 1946-1947
  23. Recognition from the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, undated
  24. Recognition of Mapp’s service by Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, May 1964
  25. Resolution of Mapp’s retirement by the City of Portsmouth, June 22, 1965
  26. Retirement (I), 1965

Box 33

  1. Retirement (II), 1965
  2. Retirement (III), 1965
  3. Tickets for “Peg O’ My Heart”- class play of June graduating class of Wilson High School, June 12, 1941
  4. Virginia High School Literary and Athletic League, 1942, 1945
  5. Wilson vs. Maury football program, October 28, 1949
  6. Woodrow Wilson High School and its antecedents in Portsmouth Virginia, by Leila A. Deans, January 1964
  7. Miscellaneous notes and speeches, undated

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 1: Binder case containing school board administrative documents and notes belonging to Alf Mapp, Sr., 1959-1965 

Oversize Box 2: Binder case containing “A program of dedication to Mr. Alf J. Mapp on May 19, 1965 from Olive Branch Elementary School

Oversize Box 5:

  • “Homecoming plans shaped by Wilson,” The Portsmouth Star, November 5, 1949
  • “Boom in Portsmouth school enrollments means headaches for Superintendent Mapp,” Virginian Pilot, June 20, 1954

Subseries D: Alf J. Mapp Junior High School

  1. Alf J. Mapp Junior High School dedication program, May 18, 1966
  2. Resolution naming Alf J. Mapp Junior High School, June 29, 1965
  3. Ledger Star article: “New Craddock school named for retiring superintendent  A. J. Mapp,” June 30, 1965
  4. The Midshipman, Alf J. Mapp Junior High School newsletter, May 25, 1966

Subseries E: Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project

  1. Articles of incorporation, undated
  2. By-laws, undated
  3. Correspondence, January-September 1965
  4. Meetings, 1965-1966
  5. Programs offered by Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project, undated
  6. Reports, 1965
  7. Statement of CAP grant for Project Enable and Medicare Alert, February 24, 1966

Series X: Photographs Subseries A: Portraits Box 34

  1. Portraits of Mapp’s mother and aunt, circa 1900s-1910s
  2. Portrait of Mapp’s wife Julia? circa 1950s-1960s  
  3. High School Portraits of Alf Mapp, Jr., 1940s
  4. Portraits of Alf Mapp, Jr., circa 1950s-1960s
  5. Portraits of Alf Mapp, Jr., 1970s
  6. Portrait of Mapp used in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, 1970s
  7. Portraits of Alf Mapp, Jr., 1980s
  8. Portraits of Alf Mapp, Jr., 1990s
  9. Portraits of Ramona Mapp, 1970s

Subseries B: Informal Photos

  1. Family photos of Alf Mapp, Sr.; Alf Mapp, Jr.; Mapp family members, circa 1930s  
  2. High school photos, 1940s
  3. Old Dominion Boys State photo, 1940
  4. Vacation photos of Mapp and his first wife Julia, undated
  5. Color family photos, circa 1950s-1960s
  6. Family/vacation slides, 1960s
  7. Group portrait with Mapp, circa 1970s-1980s
  8. Christmas gathering, circa 1980s-1990s

Subseries C: Old Dominion University Box 35

  1. Photos of Mapp teaching, circa 1970s-1980s
  2. Photos of Mapp with Virginia Governor Gerald Bailes and William Spong, Jr. at Founders Day, Old Dominion University, 1989
  3. Photo of Mapp and Myron Henry, Vice President for Academic Affairs, circa 1980s-1990s  
  4. Writing class group photo with retirement card, 1992

Oversize material:
Oversize Box 4: oversize photo of Mapp at his office, circa 1970s-1980s

Subseries D: Civic and Political Activities

  1. Interclub council of Portsmouth,1950s
  2. Portsmouth Community Chest, 1950s
  3. Rotary Club, 1950s
  4. Constitution Day Speech at Madison’s Grave, Montpelier, 1976
  5. Photo of Mapp receiving medal from former Governor Mills Godwin, 1981
  6. Mary Rose Tudor Evening Gala Reception, 1985
  7. Photos: Religious Freedom Day in Colonial Williamsburg , Council for America’s First Freedom, 1996

Subseries E: Public Appearances

  1. Photo of Mapp Speaking at Kings Crossing Ground Breaking, June 1987
  2. Heritage Day at Middlesex Courthouse, May 11, 1996
  3. Miscellaneous book signing photos, circa 1980s-1990s  
  4. “Excellence in writing” session at Tidewater Community College, 1980s  
  5. CD-ROM of pictures of Mapp and Bill Barker (Thomas Jefferson impersonator) at book signing at Williamsburg Books, 2003

Subseries F: Alf Mapp, Sr.

  1. Photographs of Mapp Sr., circa 1940s-1950s  
  2. Photo of Alf Mapp, Sr., 1962
  3. Portrait of Alf Mapp, Sr. at the Division Superintendents Conference at Roanoke, May 20, 1965

Subseries G: Miscellaneous

Box 36

  1. Big House at Lively (photos and negatives), undated
  2. Photos of S. Judson Dunaway, 1912, 1913, 1918, 1944
  3. Polaroids of Richard Eberhart, poet, 1973
  4. “Golden Dragon” display, undated
  5. Portrait of Mrs. William F. S. Gresham (past president of the Poetry Society of Virginia), circa 1940s-1950s
  6.  Roberta Grimes and family, circa 1990s  
  7. Living “Last Supper” at Elm Avenue Methodist Church, Portsmouth, 1950s (?)
  8. Miss Portsmouth Pageant, 1950s
  9. Polaroid of Monticello, April 10, 1991
  10. Portraits of people that Mapp knew, 1980s-1990s
  11. Portsmouth Slum Clearance, 1950s
  12. Taste Test Photos, 1950s
  13. Wilson High School Construction, 1950s
  14. Tombstone photos,  circa 1980s-1990s  
  15. Miscellaneous photos and negative, undated

Revised: 1/10/2011