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The Papers of J. Henry McCoy


Dr. J. Henry McCoy, Jr. attended Norfolk Division of William and Mary (now Old Dominion University) and graduated from Medical College of Virginia. In 1968, he was appointed to the Old Dominion University Board of Visitors. Later McCoy was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Local Board of Tidewater Community College. During the mid 1980's, Dr. McCoy represented the Kempsville Borough on the Virginia Beach City Council. He became Mayor of Virginia Beach in 1984. His term as Mayor ended in 1986.

Scope and Contents

The papers of J. Henry McCoy date from 1918 to 1976. They document McCoy's professional life as a member of the ODU Board of Visitors and as Vice Chair of Tidewater Community College. This collection contains McCoy's correspondence with Old Dominion College / University and Tidewater Community College, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia-Tidewater Dental Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, the US Congress, and Associated Naval Architects. Included also are generic/organization letters, proposals, job descriptions, program progress reports, meeting minutes, community college general information, and postcards that McCoy collected. McCoy's scrapbook materials include newspaper articles about McCoy's appointment to the Board of Visitors and letters of congratulations on the accomplishment; the hiring and resignation of James L. Bugg's Presidency of Old Dominion University; ODU students' concern over a racist hiring process and other general news about the University.

Folder 1 contains correspondence with Old Dominion University including several letters related to the Division of Technology Dental Hygiene and Assisting Programs; The Alumni Association; Office of the President; The Mace and Crown; Student Caucus, School of Continuing Studies, and the Board of Visitors. Correspondence with the Commonwealth of Virginia: Governor's Office; Senate; and the House of Delegates. Correspondence also holds letters from Alpha Kappa Psi; The US Congress; and Associated Naval Architects.

Folder 2 contains correspondence with Tidewater Community College and others from a variety of cities and companies in Virginia in relation to Tidewater Community College. Specifically: The Virginia Beach Sun; the Virginia Pilot; Virginia Department of Community Colleges; Virginia State Chamber of Commerce; Williams and Tazewell & Associates, Inc.; Dr. Robert J. Kirkman; House of Delegates; House of Representatives; Association of Community College Trustees; Virginia Beach City Public Schools; and Virginia Beach City Clerk.

Folder 3 includes generic letters addressed to the BOV members that discuss issues such as: how to select a new president using a search committee; search committee planning and candidates; and a profile of the University's future. Other documents include resumes and an analysis of the 1976 General Assembly.

Folder 4 contains papers revolving around the meetings of the Executive Committee beginning in January of 1976. These deal directly with the Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors. Discussed are topics related to dates of upcoming meetings; agenda; progress reports; presidency job description; draft letter to the Ambassador of Iran; Meeting minutes; and one letter to McCoy regarding a school of optometry.

Folder 5 provides a look into Intercollegiate athletics at Old Dominion University. These pieces illustrate the Four Year Plan for Intercollegiate Athletics developed by the Board of Visitors. This plan was devised in 1974 and devised in 1975. The memos in this series show correspondence between the Board of Visitors and Vice President for Student Affairs, and ODU President's Office. Also included is information about the Eastern College Athletic Conference.

Folder 6 holds information about the Virginia Community College System. In general, the papers include information on policies, procedures, regulations and the curriculum offered by the system.

Folder 7 contains one document of Old Dominion University's Mission Statement, Codes or Amendments of the Board of Visitors of Old Dominion, and one Domicile Application.

Folder 8 contains photo-postcards. They include: The School of Arms, Knights of Columbus Hall, Old Dominion College Administration Building and Hughes Hall. There is also a postcard/souvenir folder of Camp Lee with photos of General Headquarters, Popular Place in Camp (Theatre), Officer's Club and its interior, Interior of Bakery, YWCA Hostess House, the Fire Department, Base Hospital, Red Cross Building, and photos of soldiers.

Folder 9 relates to McCoy's appointment to the Board of Vistors at Old Dominion University. These includes news releases on his induction, letters of congratulations from Old Dominion Board of Visitors, President, and Governor, dinner invitation from Alfred B. Rollins, and other letters thanking him for the acceptance of the position. Also one document shows the oath from the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Also included in this folder are news articles from the Virginia Pilot and Ledger- Star newspapers. Each article presents information on James L. Bugg, a former president of the Old Dominion University. The articles document his beginning as president and ultimate resignation on behalf of the ODU Board of Visitors.

Additionally this folder contains news releases related to the Leland Peterson affair. Briefly, this refers to the suspected unfair treatment of Dr. Peterson by some the President Old Dominion College. His position was called into question after a story was published in the student magazine "The Gadfly." These articles document the students' protests and concerns as well as those of Dr. Peterson; the hearing of the case by The Old Dominion Board; opinions on the case; and editorials.

Folder 10 contains articles concerning news of Old Dominion University in general. It provides information on the activities of students at the university, the programs that the college has approved of and will participate in, graduation speakers, and sports.


Gift from J. Henry McCoy on March 16, 1978.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


1 Hollinger Document Case.

Collection Number

RG 1-1B5

Container Listing

Box 1

Folder 1 Correspondence June 29, 1967 - May 7, 1976
Folder 2 Correspondence November 22, 1970 - June 25, 1974
Folder 3 Old Dominion University Board of Visitors November 6, 1975 - July 21, 1976
Folder 4 Meeting of the Executive Committee, ODU Board of Visitors January 14, 1976
Folder 5 Old Dominion University and Intercollegiate Athletics
Folder 6 Virginia Community College System
Folder 7 Miscellaneous ("The Mission of the University", by-laws of the ODU Board of Visitors, In-state tuition application)
Folder 8 Postcards from Camp Lee, Virginia, 1918
Folder 9 Appointment to Board of Visitors 1968
Folder 10 President James L. Bugg, Jr.
Folder 11 Student Protest- Leland Peterson and the Immaculate Deception
Folder 12 Old Dominion University News- General, 1968

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