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The Papers of the Norfolk United Community Fund

Scope and Contents - Series Descriptions - Provenance - Container List
Index A - Index B - Index C - Index D

Historical Sketch

The United Community Fund (UCF) was founded in 1923. The UCF was started to serve as a fundraising organization for the social services agencies of Norfolk. Over the years the United Community Fund has come to be known by different names. The group started as the United Community Fund. During World War II, the group became known as the United War Fund. After the war, the group changed its name to the Norfolk United Fund, and then later the Norfolk Community Chest.

Scope and Contents

The papers of the Norfolk United Community Fund date from 1923 to 1970. The collection contains information about the business of the group, budget and finances, member agencies, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and fundraising campaigns. The inventories of Volumes 2 - 5 of UCF business papers can be found in Indexes A - D of this finding aid.


This collection is arranged chronologically within each series.

Series Descriptions

The collection is broken down into the following series: I: Business; II: Scrapbooks; and III: Miscellaneous.

Series I: Business

This series consists of four bound volumes of business related material dating from 1928 to 1953. There is also an index of the materials that were contained in Volume I, which dates from 1923-28. This volume was returned to the UCF and is no longer in the collection. These bound volumes contain meeting minutes; budget reports; correspondence; proposed by-laws, constitution changes, and policies; requests for money from affiliated agencies; Board elections and resolutions, and other business material. In addition to everyday business, each volume contains information that is historically significant for its time. Volume 2 contains business concerning unemployment relief during the Depression and the Federal Relief Act as pertaining to Norfolk. It is also interesting to note the participation of 'colored' people in the fund and fund agencies during a time of segregation, and how the UCF dealt with this. Volume 3 includes material related to the United Community Fund financial crisis and re-organization in 1938. This volume also contains more issues regarding segregation. Volume 4 contains business related to World War II relief efforts. Volume 5 includes history of the United War Fund and information about its dissolution. Also contained in this volume is an outline of the National Retirement Plan of 1946.

Series II: Scrapbooks

This series consists of sixteen scrapbooks. The pages of two of these scrapbooks have been placed in folders due to the age and condition of the items. Scrapbooks date from 1938 to 1970. Although some papers, correspondence, and forms are included, most of the material in the scrapbooks is newspaper clippings. Topics include articles related to the Community Fund and its affiliated agencies; and fund drives. Other articles discuss youth recreation; women on the police force in the 1940's; child welfare and adoption; tuberculosis; polio; heart disease; controlling venereal disease in Norfolk; numbers rackets and raids; public housing; inflation and rising prices in 1948; capitalism; crime; women job seekers in 1952. Of particular historical note are the newspaper clippings surrounding World War II in the July 1943-45 scrapbook and the clippings on integration and desegregation on the 1968-1970 scrapbook. There is also material in this last scrapbook on the East Ghent Project where this area was redeveloped.

Series III: Miscellaneous

This series is mostly comprised of Fundraising Campaign material and publicity from approximately the 1950's and 1960's. Much of the material is undated or where dated does not list the year. Additionally, there is background material on the organization, maps, a booklet on the Robert Fulton Monument Association, and newspaper clippings from 1959 and 1960.


On loan from Eugene Berres, Executive V.P. United Community Fund, May 1978.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


6 Hollinger Document Case and 5 oversize boxes.

Container List

Series I: Business

Box 1

Folder 1: Inventory of Volume 1, 1923 - 1928
Volume 2: Norfolk Community Fund, 1929 - 1933
See Index A.

Box 2

Volume 3: Norfolk Community Fund, 1934 - 1938
See Index B.

Box 3

Volume 4: Norfolk Community Fund, United War Fund, 1939 - 1945
See Index C.

Box 4

Volume 5: Norfolk Community Fund, United War Fund, United Fund Community Chest,
See Index D.

Series II: Scrapbooks

Box 5

Folder 1: Scrapbook: 1938 (Papers)
Folder 2: Scrapbook: 1938 (Newspaper clippings)
Folder 3: Scrapbook: March - April 1941 Part I (Newspaper clippings)
Folder 4: Scrapbook: March - April 1941 Part II (Newspaper clippings)
Folder 5: Scrapbook: March - April 1941 Part III (Printing)
Folder 6: Scrapbook: March - April 1941 Part IV (Mimeographing)
Folder 7: Scrapbook: March - April 1941 Party V (Letters)

Box 6

Scrapbook 1: 1938
Scrapbook 4: November 1941- July 1943
Scrapbook 5: March 1966 - February 1967
Scrapbook 6: 1967

Box 7

Scrapbook 1: July 1943 - 1945
Scrapbook 2: 1948

Box 8

Scrapbook 1: 1948
Scrapbook 2: 1949
Scrapbook 3: 1949

Box 9

Scrapbook 1: 1950
Scrapbook 2: 1952

Box 10

Scrapbook 1: 1957 - 1958
Scrapbook 2: 1958 - 1959
Scrapbook 3: 1968 - 1970

Series III: Miscellaneous

Box 11

Folder 1: Index to the Minutes of the United Community Fund (See Control Folder
MG 36 United Community Fund)
Folder 2: Campaign Material I
Folder 3: Campaign Material II
Folder 4: Campaign Material III
Folder 5: Campaign Material IV
Folder 6: Campaign Material V
Folder 7: 1950 Publicity Packet
Folder 8: Maps
Folder 9: Extracts from the Minutes and Report of The Robert Fulton Monument Assoc'n
Folder 10: 1958-59
Folder 11: Newspaper Clippings 1959-60

Revised: 7/14/08