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The University Archives

The University Archives serve as the corporate memory of Old Dominion University. Its principal function is to provide a secure repository for the university's historically significant records, including the records of the Board of Visitors; the office files of former presidents, vice-presidents, deans and department chairpersons; and collections of personal papers donated by faculty, administrative officers and members of the Board.

Dating from 1930 to the present, the University Archives contains administrative publications, including yearbooks, handbooks, course catalogs, schedules, directories, and annual reports. Departmental papers include newsletters, brochures, some faculty publications and athletic programs.

In addition, the Archives includes student, faculty, staff and alumni publications; a scrapbook collection of newspaper clippings related to the university; a photograph collection that provides a fascinating panorama of the school's history; an oral history collection featuring transcripts and/or audio recordings of interviews with members of the university community; and a copy of every doctoral dissertation and master's thesis written by an Old Dominion University graduate student.

The collections may be used by present officers of the university, faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general public.

The University Archives is located within Special Collections in the Old Dominion University Perry Library.

Researchers are urged to call ahead because permission from the University Librarian may be required to look through some of the material.  Only a portion of University Archives holdings are listed below. For more information: (757) 683-5350 or libspecialcollections [at] odu.edu.

Donating and Transferring Your Papers to the University Archives
Faculty and staff are encouraged to donate their papers to the University Archives for the benefit of future researchers. The Special Collections Librarian can advise individuals in preparing their personal papers for transfer, completing a deed of gift, and arranging the physical transfer of the papers.  Further information is available in the University Archives Collection Development Policy and by contacting the Special Collections Librarian (757) 683-5350 or libspecialcollections [at] odu.edu.

University Archives Record Groups

Material in the University Archives is organized into Record Groups that mirror the organizational structure of the University and its administrative and academic departments.

RG 1 Board of Visitors
RG 2 Office of the President
RG 3 University Senate
RG 4 Executive Vice President (defunct)
RG 5 Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
RG 6 Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement
RG 7 Executive Director Of Student Affairs And Dean Of Students
RG 8 Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance
RG 10 University Libraries
RG 15 Honors College
RG 16 Office of Graduate Studies
RG 17 School of Arts & Letters
RG 18 School of Business Administration
RG 19 Darden College of Education
RG 20 College of Engineering and Technology
RG 21 School of General Studies (defunct)
RG 22 College of Sciences
RG 23 School of Continuing Studies (defunct)
RG 24 College of Health Sciences
RG 30 University Poster Collection
RG 32 University Photographs Collection
RG 33 Norfolk Division and Old Dominion College Records
RG 36 Faculty and Staff Organizations
RG 37 Student Organizations
RG 39 Student/Alumni Collections
RG 40 Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Continuing Higher Ed.
RG 41 Awards, University and College



RG 1 Board of Visitors

More information about the history of the board and its functions, current membership, and minutes of past meetings from 1994 to the present is available on Board of Visitors' web site.

RG 1-1A Office files of the Board.
Contains office files of the Board, including correspondence, resolutions, committee records, proceedings, and agendas.

RG 1-1B1 Francis Crenshaw (1922-1975).
Member of Old Dominion University's Board of Visitors (1968-1976). Material relates to his service as member and rector of the Board. Also contains papers of his father, Captain Russell Crenshaw (1886-1975), that chiefly relate to his service in the navy during World War II.

RG 1-1B3 A. K. Scribner (1899-1976).
Alison Kenneth Scribner was a member of the first Board of Visitors of Old Dominion College and later Old Dominion University, from 1962-1969. Contains material related to his tenure on the board, his work with civic organizations and his professional career in manufacturing.

RG 1-1B4 Earl T. Gresham, Jr.
Served on Board of Visitors advisory board. Small collection relates primarily to library fund drives.

RG 2 Office of the President

Dr. Lewis W. Webb, Jr. (1910-1984). Appointed Director of the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary in 1946. Became first President of Old Dominion College in 1962. Resigned in 1969 to resume teaching physics and retired in 1974. Collection contains the material accumulated during his service as chief administrative officer on campus from 1946-1969.

RG 2-1B1 The Webb Family Papers 1790-1975. Donated by Lewis W. Webb, Jr., the collection contains documents from the early records of the Borough of Norfolk (1790-1823), the Gosport Navy Yard (1829-1870), the Webb Family (1831-1883), 19th century commercial ventures, and the Electricity Cost Commission (1975).

Dr. James L. Bugg, Jr. (1920- ). Served as President of Old Dominion University from 1969-1976. Thereafter, became Professor of History at Old Dominion University and held the Constance and Colgate Darden Chair of History and Education. Collection contains the material accumulated during his tenure as University President (1969-1976).

Dr. Alfred B. Rollins, Jr. (1922-2013). Served as President of Old Dominion University from 1976 to 1985. Came to Norfolk from the University of Vermont where he served as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Collection contains the material accumulated during his tenure as University President.

RG 2-1A4 Dr. Joseph M. Marchello (1934-1999). Served as President of Old Dominion University from 1985 to 1988. Came to Norfolk from the University of Missouri in Rolla, where he served as Chancellor from 1978-1985. Became a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department upon resigning from the presidency. Collection contains the material accumulated during his tenure as University President.

RG 2-1A5 Dr. William B. Spong, Jr. (1920-1997). Served as Interim President of Old Dominion University from 1989-1990. Selected based upon his successful tenure as Dean of the College of William and Mary's Marshall Wythe School of Law, as well as his appreciation for Virginia's current political climate. Collection contains the material accumulated during his tenure as University Interim President.

Dr. James V. Koch (1942- ). Served as President of Old Dominion University from 1990-2001. Recruited from the University of Montana, where he served as University President. Became the Board of Visitors Professor of Economics after a sabbatical following his resignation as president. Collection contains the material accumulated during his tenure as University President.

Dr. Roseann Runte (1948- ). Served as the President of Old Dominion University from 2001 to 2008. Recruited from Victoria University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she was President and Vice Chancellor. Collection primarily contains materials related to her inauguration as University President.

John R. Broderick is the eighth and current President of Old Dominion University. Broderick came to ODU in 1993 to serve as vice president for institutional advancement and admissions. He served as acting president from June 2008 to May 2009.

RG 2-1E - Presidential Artifacts
Gifts given to ODU and ODU presidents.

RG 2-2B1 Frank MacDonald (1920- ). Served as Administrative Assistant to the President and Assistant Director of Norfolk Division of William and Mary in the 1940s. This small collection are dated from 1946 - 1948 and include a procedure manual and a report with recommendations about the college written by MacDonald.

RG 2- 8A Athletics
Includes guides, programs, publicity, newsletters, tickets, bumper stickers for men and women’s basketball, football, lacrosse, sailing, golf and other sports. Administrative correspondence is also included.

RG 2- 9A ODU Foundations Annual reports from 1999-2009 for ODU's Educational and Intercollegiate Foundations.

RG 2-14A Office of Research and Research Foundation
The collection documents the functioning of the Office of Research and the Research Foundation. Contents range in date from 1965 to 2008 and include final reports of funded grants, correspondence, newsletters, and various other publications.

RG 2-14B1 Clifford L. Adams
Physics professor and director of the Office of Research and Grant Administration from its creation in 1966 until 1974.

RG 3 University Senate

RG 3-1A University/Faculty Senate/Faculty Caucus files
Partial inventory (1969-1980)

RG 3-4A Student Caucus of the University Senate (defunct)
Inventory (1968-1979)

RG 4 Executive Vice President (defunct)

RG 4-1A Office files of Harold Eickhoff
Inventory (1971-1978)

RG 5 Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

RG 5-1A Provost's office

Papers from some but not all past Provosts are included in this collection.

Provosts of Old Dominion College/University
Date Name Title
1964-1972 John B. Johnson Provost
1972-1980 Charles Burgess Provost
1980-1982 Samuel Bieber Provost
1982-1983 David Hager Acting Provost
1984-1986 Thomas P. Wallace Provost
1987-1988 David Hager Acting Provost
1988-1991 Myron Henry Provost
1992-1998 David Hager Acting Provost
1992-2001 Jo Ann Gora Provost
2001-2003 David Hager Acting Provost
2003-2008 Thomas L. Isenhour Provost
2008-2013 Carol Simpson Provost

RG 5-1A1 SACS/COC Accreditation
Partial inventory (1971-2004)

RG 5-6A Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
Established in 1994 as part of the University's Strategic Plan, CLT serves the University by assisting faculty members to use and integrate technology into the teaching/learning process. Collection consists of annual reports for CLT, 2007-2008.

RG 5-11A1 Course Catalogs, 1930 - present.

RG 5-18A Institutional Research and Assessment (previously Institutional Planning)
Inventory (1965-2002)

RG 5-18A1 Office of University Planning and Analysis - ODU Statistical Profiles for 1977 - 1993

RG 5-20A University Registrar

RG 5-20A1 Class Schedules
Inventory (1956 - 2002)

Note: The Registrar's Office no longer produces a printed schedule of classes. They are now available on-line, 1999 - present.

RG 6 Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

RG 6-1A Director's files

RG 6-2A Alumni Relations and Government Relations
This collection includes administrative letters, pamphlets, reports, event programs, invitations, and memorabilia of the ODU Alumni Relations and Govertment Relations office from the 1960s to the 2000s.

RG 6-3A University Relations
This collection contains records from the Office of the Vice President of University Relations as well as from the Office of Information Services, whose predecessor was Collegiate Relations. It includes correspondence, bumper stickers, reports and product approvals, brochures, newsletters and newspaper clippings. Topics include 1970s budget crisis and civil rights compliance. These papers date from 1957 to 2007.

RG 6-4E ODU Dialogue radio broadcasts
During the 1970’s, Old Dominion University (ODU) created and broadcasted radio “dialogues,” which consisted of taped public service interviews. The interviews covered on a wide range of topics, such as campus-related issues, the economy, every-day living, and problems over-seas. The segments were recorded on reel-to-reel audio tapes and each one was roughly half-an-hour long. Most of the interviews were done with professors from Old Dominion University, or neighboring schools and programs.

RG 6-6E Commencements
This collection contains documents related to commencement at the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, Old Dominion College, and Old Dominion University from June 1945 to present day.  Contains commencement addresses, audio tapes of commencement ceremonies, and commencement ceremony programs from 1947 to present day.  Digitized versions of commencement programs in PDF format are included for years spanning 1947-2007.  The audiotapes of commencement ceremonies are in reel to reel format. 

RG 6-7A1 Admissions
Admissions and recruitment brochures and publications.

RG 6-7A2 Dean of Admissions (defunct) James R. Vaillancourt

RG 7 Executive Director Of Student Affairs And Dean Of Students

RG 7-1A Dean of Student Affairs

RG 7-2A Student Directories 1955- 2004

RG 7- 8A Student Activities and Leadership
Inventory (1990-2004)

RG 7- 9A Women's Center
The collection dates from 1978 to 2004, and documents the Women’s Center, which provides information and support to older and/or returning women students through courses, programs, conferences and support groups.  The collection contains newsletters, course and event fliers, memos, a listing of courses offered each semester, photographs, newspaper clipping.

RG 7- 12A Student Life - Greek Records
This collection contains newsletters and memorandum, produced by the Office of Student Life (which later became Student Affairs) related to Greek life at Old Dominion University between 1975 and 1980.

RG 8 Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

RG 8- 3A2 Faculty/Staff Directories 1948 to 2009

RG 8-3A5 Faculty Handbooks
This collection contains faculty handbooks for the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, Old Dominion College, Old Dominion University, as well as the Continuing Education Divisions for both Old Dominion College and Old Dominion University from 1947 to 2003.

RG 8- 6A Material Management/Logistical Services
Contains legal agreements, land deeds, land histories, correspondence, city ordinances and plat maps of early land purchases by the Norfolk Division of William and Mary, dated from 1930- 1972.

RG 8-9A Auxiliary Services

RG 8-11A Administrative Services and Comptroller

RG 8-12A Financial Aid

RG 10 University Library Collection

Collection contains material related to the University Library, University Archives and its committees and departments. Also contains material related to Friends of the Library and the Virginia Tidewater Consortium. Material dates from 1938 to present.

RG 16 Office of Graduate Studies

RG 16-1A Office files
Partial inventory (1970-1977)

RG 17 School of Arts and Letters

RG 17-1A Dean’s office files
Includes the College of Arts and Letters faculty and committee members, meetings, and minutes; programs and activities; and files from the Advisory Council, Academic Council and Council of Deans from 1965 to present.

RG17-1A1 Newsletters and Publications
Includes newsletters, student and university publications, flyers, and brochures about the College of Arts and Lletters from 1976 to 2007.

RG 17-2A Art Department
Includes announcements for ODU Art Gallery exhibits and newspaper clipping, letter and brochure regarding work of Fay Zetlin.

RG 17-2B4 The Papers of Wallace Dreyer
Dreyer, an artist, was an adjunct assistant professor and director of the photography program from 1966-1980. The collection, dating from 1907 through 1992, contains professional as well as personal photographs, a sketchbook, professional and personal correspondence, a high school year book, newspaper clippings, newspaper advertisements for his art gallery business, certificates pertaining to his elementary school education and x-ray technician certification, x-ray technician employment, and his capture of enemy photographic equipment that he was allowed to keep. The collection also includes correspondence between Harold C. Bullard and US senators regarding a tax reform legislation.

RG 17-2B5 The Papers of Alexander Brooks Jackson
Began teaching in the Art department in 1967 as the school's first black faculty member. The contents of this collection include photographs taken and collected by Jackson of miscellaneous subjects, as well as photographs of his artwork and excerpts from his poetry. The collection’s contents are undated.

RG 17-3A English Department

RG17-3B2 Caroline Heath Tunstall
This collection contains materials pertinent to the life and career of Caroline Heath Tunstall, an English professor at Old Dominion College. Included in this collection are high school yearbooks, negatives of photographs, various certificates,  newspaper clippings of  book reviews as well as a scrapbook, correspondence, awards, graduate work, syllabi and other papers used by Ms. Tunstall as a professor. Particularly notable are the 1925 and 1926 photographs and yearbooks from the Norfolk Tutoring School. The collection dates from 1925 to the mid-1970s.

RG 17-3B4 Elizabeth Ann Burton
The collection includes typed and handwritten drafts of poetry written by Elizabeth Ann Burton, mostly from the late 1980s.  Included are the original manuscripts for Burton’s published book of poetry Waiting for the Messiah, as well as the draft of a second book, which was never published.  Letters from Elizabeth Burton to Mildred Guilds Peele, donator of the collection, as well as letters written after Burton’s death by Mildred Peele to L. S. Loomer, a potential publisher of Elizabeth Burton’s poetry, and correspondence between Burton’s mother and Peele. 

RG 17-3B5 Phillip Raisor
Contains material related to the ODU Creative Writing Program and Literary Festival and the Arts Reunion in the late 1970s.

RG 17-4A Foreign Languages and Literatures Department
Contains annual reports, departmental meeting minutes and memorandum from 1968-1975.

RG 17-4B1 W. Herman Bell
Walter Herman Bell was the Director of Counseling and professor of Counseling 1957-1967 and French, 1967-1970. This small collection includes 1962 correspondence related to this gift and photographs of labeled "Cecil B. Smith." Bell's oral history says that he donated photographs to ODC of Herbert Cecil Smith and his wife in the Dutch East Indies. Dr. and Mrs. Bell’s were friends with Herbert Cecil Smith and his wife. Smith was a British ornithologist and naturalist who donated a collection of bones and skins of animals native to Burma to Old Dominion College.
Inventory (1962-1970)

RG 17-5A History Department
Inventory (1973-2008)

RG 17-5B1 Thomas Blossom
Longtime career as a teacher. Professor of History at Old Dominion University. Collection relates to his publications, faculty position, classes and students. Of note is material relating to his research of Central and South American history.

RG 17- 5B2 Harold S. Wilson
Professor of History at Old Dominion University. This small collection includes documents Wilson collected that relate to personal experiences and tributes of Confederate soldiers in Virginia Companies.  Topics include primary accounts of Virginia battles, daily soldier life, military morale, and southern ideologies. Highlights of this collection are: letters to Preston Brooks; correspondence of Colonel Joseph T. Cosby; an obituary of Colonel Joseph Cabell; correspondence of solider Wm H. Farrabee; papers concerning soldier William L Fontaine and his family estate; and an eulogy of Colonel James C. Reed. The collection dates range from 1813 to 1978.

RG 17- 5B3 Robert C. McClelland
A history professor and Director of the Evening College at Norfolk Division of William and Mary. Materials include publications on a court case, his hometown of Masontown, poetry, Norfolk Division General Publications, and newspaper clippings, dated from 1941 to 1962.

RG 17-5B4 Willard C. Frank
Prof. Frank is a history professor and political activist. This collection documents student and faculty political activities at Old Dominion College and University. Included are newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets on current issues, memos, letters, permission forms for speakers, professional essays, application for recognition of the Emerson Forum, and meeting minutes, dated 1963 to 1976.

RG 17-5B6 Alf J. Mapp, Jr.
Mapp is an emeritus professor of history at ODU, a Jeffersonian scholar, civic leader, newspaperman and author of numerous non-fiction and fiction publications. Also contained in the collection is material on his father, Alf J. Mapp Senior, who was the superintendent of public schools in Portsmouth Virginia.

RG 17-6A Music Department
Dating from 1949 to 2006, this collection includes programs, annual reports, handbooks and one "Musical Greeting" CD from students, faculty and area musicians.
Inventory (1949-2006).

RG 17-6B1 S. Eliot Breneiser
Professor of Music at Old Dominion University. Collection relates to his position on the Faculty Senate, Faculty Caucus and University Senate where he served as the Chairman. Documents date from 1965 to 1974.

RG 17-6B2 Charles E. Vogan
Small collection documents activities and finances of the Music Club at Norfolk Division William and Mary and Old Dominion University. The material, dated late 1940s to early 1970s, includes music programs, invitations, sponsors, meeting minutes, budgets, correspondence and new clippings.

RG 17- 6B3 Edgar Kovner and Kathleen O'Hara Kovner
Edgar Kovner was a musician, the head of the refrigeration and air-conditioning departments at the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary and later the head of the Technical Institute. His first wife, Kathleen O'Hara, was a musician in Italy and Norfolk, Va. This small collection includes correspondence about Kovner's career at Old Dominion University, a scrapbook about his wife's musical career and a scrapbook documenting the history of the Norfolk Symphony Orchestra, from 1920 - 1945. Documents date from 1920 - 1984.

RG 17-7A Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

RG 17-8A Political Science and Geography Department
Inventory (1966-1975)

RG 17- 8B2 Robert L. Stern
Small collection consists of tape interviews with A. Willis Robertson, a local judge and an undated pamphlet for Norfolk Citizens for Democratic Government.

RG 17- 8B3 E. Grant Meade
Relates to Meade's membership and presentation to the World Affairs Council circa 1969.

RG 17-10B1 Ruben Cooper
Material documents the formation of the Special and Hearing Center at ODU in 1959. Also included are annual reports from the Speech Department, schedules and papers of the Debate Club and Cooper's curriculum vitae.
Partial inventory (1958-1965)

RG 17-15A University Theater

RG 17-28A The Papers of the Women's Studies Department
The papers of Women’s Studies date from 1978-2005. The collection contains administrative and financial documents, course descriptions, and department sponsored event flyers and brochures.  The bulk of the collection features Women’s Studies News, events, and courses offered throughout its duration.

RG 17-28A1 The Papers of the Friends of Women's Studies
Friends of Women's Studies was established in 1986 to support and ensure the development of the Women's Studies Department.

RG 17-32A Associated Writers Program
This collection contains the papers from the Associated Writers Program from 1980-1993.    

RG 18 School of Business Administration

RG 18-1A Office Files

RG 18-1A1 Accreditation Files

RG 18-5A Economics Department
Partial inventory (1971-1976)

RG 18- 5B1 John R. Tabb
John R. Tabb (1925 - 2002) began teaching at Norfolk Division William and Mary in 1955 as a professor of economics. He went on to become an administrator and was the first dean of the School of Business. His papers document student activities from the 1950s to 1970s and include a scrapbook with pictures of white students who sued to reopen schools shut by Massive Resistance in 1958.

RG18-6B1 Thomas Jackson Reed
Mr. Reed began his career at the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary in 1957 as an Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration. He taught courses in Economics, Business, and Statistics. The collection documents his academic life and his work as a consultant in urban planning, land use, political re-districting and retail marketing.

RG 18-11A Urban Studies and Public Administration Department
Inventory (1964-2008)

RG 18-26A Bureau of Research
Contains several economic impact studies done in the Hampton Roads area, projects with the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Department of Transportation, and the Institute of Urban Studies. Also included is a Summary of the Capital Program (1966-1970), which includes city plans to build Lake Taylor Senior High School and to expand Booker T. Washington. The collection also contains statements and invoices for all projects funded through the Old Dominion Research Foundation in 1971 and 1972. The collection contains information dating from 1966 to 2000 and is arranged chronologically within three series.

RG 19 Darden College of Education

RG 19-1A Dean’s office files
Inventory (1964-1977) Includes accreditation reports.

RG 19-2A Educational Curriculum and Instruction

RG 19-4A Educational Leadership and Counseling Department
Inventory (1975-1978)

RG 19-5A Exercise Science, Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Department
Inventory (1968-1976)

RG 19-25A School of Education Newsletters
Inventory (1977-2007)

RG 20 College of Engineering and Technology

RG 20-3B1 William D. Stanley
Material related to the Engineers' Council for Professional Development 1976 accreditation of ODU's Engineering Technology degrees.

RG 20-4A Mechanical Engineering Department

RG 20-5A Engineering Technology Department
Inventory (1967-1968)

RG 20-28A School of Engineering and Technology Newsletters and Publications
This collection contains the newsletter, Feedback: Omni Data Path of the School of Engineering published from September 3, 1975 through November 8, 1981. A “web letter” that was published on the Internet, SISO: Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization from Sept. 7, 1998 – March 16, 2004. The newspaper, the Update, put out by and for the College of Engineering and Technology from Spring 1998 to Fall 1999. The College of Engineering and Technology’s College Profiles from 2004 to 2010 highlight accomplishments of the College of Engineering faculty and students.

RG 21 School of General Studies (defunct)

RG 21-1A Dean’s office files
Inventory (1956-1980s)

RG 21- 3A NATO Symposium
Includes correspondence, reports, photographs, brochures, schedules, newspaper articles and speeches related to NATO Symposia held in Norfolk in 1955, 1956, 1974 and 1975.

RG 22 College of Sciences

RG 22-1A Dean’s office files

RG 22-8A Psychology Department
Transcripts and cassettes of four interviews done by Psychology professor Elizabeth Henry in 1979 - 1980 of Charles O. Burgess, Provost; Ruth Harrell, Raymond Kirby, Psychology chair and Lewis Webb, former president of ODU.

RG 22- 7B1 C. S. Sherwood
A chemistry professor who served as faculty member in the College of Sciences from 1939-1977, teaching chemistry, astronomy, and geophysical sciences.

RG 22-9A Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department

RG 23 School of Continuing Studies (defunct)

RG 23-2B1 Albert I. Godden
This collection, dated 1949 to 1973, documents Prof. Godden's role in the evolution of technical education and the Technical Institute at Old Dominion University. Material included is newspapers clippings, photographs, correspondence, reports, floor plans, certificates, calendars, and a scrapbook.

RG 23-6A Guantanamo Bay Off-campus Credit Program
A majority of the collection is related to Guantanamo Bay course and enrollment information and related correspondence between 1966 and 1979. Notable elements of the collection include correspondence related to a 1969 visit from Lewis Webb, president of ODU, and clippings from the Guantanamo Gazette, the base newspaper related to President Richard M. Nixon’s visit to China and U.S.-Cuban relations. \

RG 23-8A Office of Continuing Education

RG 23-9A Institute of Management

RG 24 College of Health Sciences

RG 24-5A School of Nursing
Partial inventory (1964-1975)

RG 33 Records of the Norfolk Division (1930-1962) and Old Dominion College (1962-1969)

These papers documents the college’s early years as a two-year branch campus, the industrial training courses during World War II, the creation of the Evening College and Technical Institute,  and its transition to an accredited university. Included in the papers, dated 1930 to 1971, are correspondence, newspapers, reports, college histories, building plans, bulletins, course descriptions and syllabi, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and several photographs.

RG 36 Faculty and Staff Organizations

RG 36 Assorted Faculty Clubs
Includes four faculty clubs from the past, including the following: the Old Dominion Faculty Club Association (ODFCA), the Humanities Club, the Association of University Administrators (AUA), and the Faculty Emeriti Association (FEA).

RG 36- 4A University Women’s Caucus
ODU Women’s Caucus (also known as the Faculty Women’s Caucus) is an active ODU organization for female faculty and administrators.This collection contains documents ranging from 1974-1999. Memos and correspondence, newspaper articles, printed materials such as flyers and newsletters, minutes and agendas.

RG 36-5A Hourly and Classified Employees Association (H.A.C.E.)
Previously known as the Old Dominion Staff Association, the name Hourly and Classified Employees Association (H.A.C.E) was adopted in March 1976 when H.A.C.E was officially established. H.A.C.E’s purpose is to promote the professional development of employees, and to encourage employee to employee respect, teamwork, and comradeship. H.A.C.E also provides the opportunity for employees to express their concerns and ideas regarding Old Dominion University and its surrounding community. This collection contains documents dealing with meeting minutes, memos, letters, HACE brochures, annual reports, the HACE constitution and by-laws, as well as, flyers concerning events organized by HACE. Also, there are a few documents to HACE from the Employee Benefit Association of the Central Highway office and the Virginia Governmental Association. These documents are all within the date range 1972-2005.

RG 36- 7A Faculty Wives Club
Contains handbooks, flyers and scrapbooks of the Faculty Wives Club and Women's Association, a social and service club for wives of ODU faculty and staff. Material dates from 1964 to 1986.

RG 36-9A ODU Free Press (October - December, 1993)

RG 36-10 American Association of University Professors (AAUP) This collection includes meeting minutes, reports, and correspondences. Organization documents include petitions, resolutions, the constitution and by-laws of the AAUP. The collection has information on the AAUP on a local, state level but also contains material on national level activities.

RG 37 Student Organizations

Contains publications and records of Old Dominion University student organizations.

RG 37-2A Student Wives Club
RG 37- 3A Greek publications
RG 37-3A1 Phi Kappa Tau
RG 37-4A1 Delta Sigma Lambda
RG 37-5A The Gay and Lesbian Student Union
RG 37-8A Student Organizations, Miscellaneous
RG 37-17A The Gadfly
RG 37-20A Women's Athletic Association

Three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and photographs of the Norfolk Division of the Women's Athletic Association from school years 1931-32, 1935-1944 and 1952-1953.

RG 39 Student/Alumni Collections

Several small collections of ODU students and alumni.

RG 40 Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Continuing Higher Education

Partial inventory (1974-1980)

Additional Special Collections Holdings Related to Old Dominion University:

Oral History Collection

A collection of interviews with former and present administrators, faculty, and staff of Old Dominion University, and community leaders. Primarily documents the development of Old Dominion University from an extension of the College of William & Mary to a world renowned university.

University Publications

  • Alumni magazines: ODU magazine, 1973-1976; Alumnews, 1977-1998; Old Dominion University, 1999 - present
  • Faculty-staff newspapers: The U-News, 1971-1981 and the ODU Courier, 1981- June 19, 2009.
  • Note: The ODU Courier, 1998 to June 19, 2009, is available on line.
  • Student newspapers: The High Hat, 1930-1961 and Mace & Crown, 1961- present.
  • Yearbooks - including the Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary and Old Dominion College, 1936 - 2007.

Scrapbook Collection

A collection of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Ledger-Star that document the history of the school from its founding in 1930 to the present day. Listed in the online catalog as LD4331.A4.N49.

ODU Theses and Dissertations

Special Collections houses the original, signed copy of each ODU thesis or dissertation. All theses and dissertations written after 1979, and some earlier, have circulating copies in the general collection under call number LD4331. All are entered into the library online catalog by author, title, and subject. To find theses/dissertations for a particular department, do a title search in the online catalog under: Old Dominion University theses (name of degree)".

Note: Electronic full text versions of all ODU dissertations published after 1980 (and some earlier as early as 1976) are available through Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. Abstracts and indices of some earlier theses are available through Dissertation Abstracts.

Revised: 9/9/2013