Minutes November 21, 2011 Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia

Chaired by: Brian Daugherity

Region 2: Southside: Francine Archer and Wesley Hogan, Virginia State University;
Region 3 – Hampton Roads: Charles Ford, Norfolk State University; Sonia Yaco, Old Dominion University; Thomas Brown, Virginia Wesleyan College;
Region 4 – Greater Tidewater: Bea Hardy, College of William and Mary
Region 5 – Central Piedmont: John Metz and Sarah Nerney, Library of Virginia; Carolyn Parsons, University of Mary Washington; Wesley Chenault and Brian Daugherity Virginia Commonwealth University;
Region 6 – Northern Virginia: Jackie Chohan, City of Alexandria Archives and Records Center; Ann Jimerson; Bob Vay, George Mason University;

Sonia Yaco discussed the recent conversion of the DOVE catalog to Library of Congress’ ReCollection. The Mapping, Timeline and extensive search capability of the new catalog will be particularly useful to researchers. http://www.lib.odu.edu/specialcollections/dove/catalog.htm. Library of Congress highlights the DOVE catalog in their http://viewshare.org/user-stories/ and will be providing more publicity in the future. Bob Vay suggested that a bibliography be added to the DOVE website. Members were asked to add a link to DOVE, http://www.lib.odu.edu/specialcollections/dove/, on their institutional websites.

Sonia also provided a brief demo of online and iTunes U versions of the DOVE training surveying materials.

Brian Daugherity proposed the re-formation of a DOVE grants committee. John Metz and Wesley Chenault volunteered. Possible granting agencies mentioned were:
• Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
• National Endowment for Humanities
• Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR): Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Building a New Research Environment
• Dominion Power Foundation
• National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)

DOVE individual and institutional commitment letters was discussed. Sonia will post a sample letter of support on the DOVE blog. The levels of participation are:
• Volunteers
• Institutional members (Letter of support required)
• Partners (Letter of commitment required)
• Repositories (Must be an institutional partner; must meet preservation standards; must partner with its regional task force)

Organization and recruitment for regional task forces chairs was discussed. A sample press release is needed – “DOVE is coming to your community. Can you help us find school desegregation documents are?”

Bea Hardy reported that the Greater Tidewater has a volunteer who utilized the interactive DOVE survey training material and is now inventorying W&M records.

Charles Ford reported on a recent meeting of the Hampton Roads task force, that he chaired. Attending were Thomas Brown, Sonia Yaco, Warren Stewart, Member of the Norfolk Board of Education and Dr. Tommy Bogger, Interim Library Director of Norfolk State University. Thomas Brown hopes to use DOVE surveying in his curriculum next semester.

Bob Vay discussed the training that was done by the Northern Virginia task force. Jackie Chohan attended the training and will be surveying her the records of the City of Alexandria Archives and Records Center. Ann Jimerson plans to work on oral histories.

Brian Daugherity reported on Central Virginia (Region 5) activities. VCU recently announced a partnership with the MLK Commission of the General Assembly to begin an oral history project related to civil rights in Virginia. Brian is also participating in a panel discussion at the Virginia Forum in March on the Byrd Organization and school desegregation in Virginia.

The next DOVE meeting is tentatively scheduled for early March in Charlottesville. An informal lunch meeting will be held at the Virginia Forum, in Harrisonburg, Virginia in late March.

DOVE, NAACP, and AARP collaborative partnership

DOVE, Virginia State Conference of the NAACP, and AARP of Virginia are working to establish a collaborative partnership. This project has potential to bring together interested persons through education, empowerment, and volunteering. Our plan, using the DOVE Project as a template, is to collect stories and historic documents throughout the state, detailing Virginia’s historic journey to the desegregation of schools, via a series of one-day events held throughout the state. We will use these occasions to display historic documents and photos related to the civil rights struggle and the desegregation of schools; perform workshops designed to empower the community; and register voters.

We are planning to convene a meeting of leaders from around the state who have an interest in being involved in this project.  The meeting will be held 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, at the NAACP’s Virginia State Conference office at 1214 West Graham Road, Richmond, VA 23220. Lunch will be served. We hope to make available an audio bridge for those who cannot come in person.

Please RSVP by contacting Patrick Johnson, via email pjohnson@aarp.org or (804) 344-3060, by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, January 20, 2012.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Virginia State Conference NAACP/AARP Virginia/DOVE Collaboration FACT SHEET

This project will consist of a traveling exhibit to educate and preserve the memories of school desegregation in Virginia. The exhibit will travel to eight regions in Virginia, lasting one day at each locale. The first exhibit will be the week of February 27th.

The project seeks to preserve the records and memories of the participants in the integration of the public schools in Virginia from the 1940s to the 1980s.  The children affected by the decisions made by the various authorities are now in their 50s, 60s and 70s.  It is imperative to interview these people before their memories have faded completely.   The physical records of these events, both public and private, may also be endangered and need to be cataloged and protected for current and future generations.

Components of the exhibit are:

1.  Learn about the history of school desegregation

  • A portable exhibit containing photographs, maps and images of definitive historic documents with a timeline of school desegregation events in Virginia
  • Documentaries about school desegregation

2.  Share our stories

  • Collect oral histories
  • Scan documents
  • Encourage donation of material to DOVE repositories

3. Empower

  • Voter registration and education
  • Train volunteers for the DOVE project
  • Financial literacy workshops by AARP
  • Volunteer opportunities for NAACP and AARP

4. Timeframe: February through June 2012