DOVE Meeting 09/27/10 at the Potomac Community Library in Woodbridge, VA

Attendees: Jessica Johnson (Virginia State University, attending for Lucious Edwards, chair of Region 2: Southside, Bob Vay (George Mason University, chair of Region 6: Northern Virginia), Jefferson Moak (NARA Philadelphia), Brian Daugherity (Virginia Commonwealth University, chair of Region 5: Central Piedmont), Tonia Graves (Old Dominion University), Charles Ford (Norfolk State University, chair of Region 3: Hampton Roads), Catherine O’Brion (Library of Virginia)

The meeting began with a discussion about attracting new DOVE members and volunteers and re-attracting early DOVE members and volunteers.
Possible ways to attract members and volunteers and increase attendance at meetings include:
• rotating meetings between a standard centralized location and different DOVE regions (focus on inviting VIPs from the region)
• incorporating activities into meetings as well conducting business
• identifying the best days of the week and times of day for the meetings;
• electronic meetings (webinar, Skype)

We discussed re-contacting attendees of past DOVE meeting and identifying reasons for lapsed attendance:
• They have been pulled into other projects
• They have a different job/turnover
• The 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board is no longer in the media spotlight

Reasons to re-attract include:
• Reminder of the benefits of working with DOVE and being a repository
• Development of the training module

Ways to contact include:
• E-mails; letters; phone calls
• Design a “We missed you” flyer
• Get in their local publications and webflows
• Let them know when anybody is presenting; especially if nearby

Planning for MLK Commission fall training/surveying sessions
Charles will begin planning for the next meeting and first training session at the Murray Center in Norfolk on December 13, 2010.

Tonia described the online survey training under development at ODU’s Center for Leaning Development. It is a web based training module (also available on CD) accessible by most internet browsers that describes to DOVE volunteers how to survey and create records that describe DOVE materials. The training provides hands on opportunities for volunteers to create practice records and prepares them for surveying a variety of archival materials in a variety of archival environments.

Bob gave an update on the training module he is creating as a result of the training session in early 2010.

The discussion about grants focused on identifying what we want funded and identifying appropriate grants.
Grant monies would be used for:
• training
• surveying
• travel
• general programming
• promotional materials
• developing models for cooperative collections processes

Sources of grants include:
• VFH-special mention of the Discretionary Grant
• Corporations
• Regional
• Our own institutions

DOVE volunteers can assist with grants by lending any expertise with:
• identifying grants
• grant writing and reviewing
• editing
• developing budgets
• project management

DOVE supporters (detail benefits of participating)
The discussion about letters of support focused on developing a structure for letters of support from DOVE member institutions and organizations. The structure might include three tiers:
• Letter of Support (from institutional members?) – states public support for the DOVE initiative
• Letter of Commitment (from partners?) – specifies certain commitments such as attendance at DOVE meetings, providing meeting space, providing technological support, providing metadata support, etc.
• Letter of Commitment (from repositories) –publicly assures that any acquired content meets the best practices of archival preservation

We also discussed how letters of support are also important to have on file when applying for grants or creating promotional materials.
Jefferson provided an example of a draft letter to send to history professors and adaptable for other audiences.

Regional Task Force Reports
Bob reported on a presentation that he and Sonia gave at the SAA conference in August 2010. They co-presented with the Black Metropolis Research Consortium , and he is scheduled to speak at a meeting of the Fairfax Historical Commission on 10/06/10.

Charles reported that his seniors are using DOVE resources.

Other Reports & Business
Jefferson Moak recommended looking at the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL).

Tentative Next Meeting
December 13, 2010 in Norfolk at the Murray Center, 455 E Brambleton Ave

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