DOVE and the 2011 ACRL Conference

DOVE Poster presented at ACRL

Tonia Graves, Electronic Resources & Serials Services Librarian at ODU, presented a poster session about DOVE at the 2011 ACRL conference on April 1, 2011.

Poster Title: Developing Partnerships to Develop Collections
Program Track: Diversify our Interdependence: Building Relationships
Short Poster Description: Librarians are playing new roles as content creators and collection builders. However, we could not go it alone without maintaining relationships with campus constituencies and forging new partnerships with non-library organizations that support higher education. The Desegregation of Virginia Education project – DOVE – is a result of these new roles and partnerships. This poster session will explore collection development in a culturally sensitive subject area and address the difficulties of volunteer initiatives.

Learning Outcomes:
One: Challenges of collection development in grey areas
Two: Difficulties of spearheading a volunteer initiative
Three: How relationships inside and outside the library can identify primary research resources and build and preserve unique collections of scholarly materials.

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