DOVE Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2010

College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia


Susan Riggs, College of William and Mary
Bob Vay, George Mason University
Carl Childs, Library of Virginia
Larissa Smith Ferguson, Longwood University
Tonia Graves and Sonia Yaco, Old Dominion University
Charles H. Ford, Norfolk State University
Lynn Rainville, Sweet Briar
Brian Daugherity, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lucious Edwards, Virginia State University
Marc Brodsky, Sherrie Bowser and Aaron Purcell, Virginia Tech
Dianne Jordan, volunteer, Region 4: Greater Tidewater
Francine Archer, volunteer, Region 5: Central Piedmont
John Kern, volunteer, Region 7: Western (Valley and Blue Ridge)

The meeting was chaired by Tonia Graves.
1.   Grants

Lynn Rainville and Larissa Ferguson discussed an NEH Digital Humanities Startup Grant application by a consortium in Prince Edward County. DOVE will be used as an advisory board for the project.

2. Updates from regional chairs

  • Region 1: Southwest (Appalachian). Aaron Purcell, Marc Brodsky, and Sherrie Bowser have started the background work to assemble a team. Aaron sent out blanket emails to higher ed. in the region. Sherrie compiled a list of local organizations (history societies and libraries) for ten of our eighteen counties. They will make those contacts next. Marc did some census demographics to get a sense where the black populations have been located and found that the percentage of African Americans in this part of the state will probably be the least of any other region. Once they have more contacts (this spring), then they could plan some site-visits and try to hit several places sometime this summer.
  • Region 2: Southside. Lucious Edwards has been working with graduate students at VSU and expects to have his regional task force together by the end of the semester.
  • Region 3: Hampton Roads. Charles Ford’s local history class has been collecting material.
  • Region 4: Greater Tidewater. Bea Hardy has done outreach to people at the College, in the city of Williamsburg; and a group called Alltogether that is trying to build better race relations in Williamsburg. Dianne Jordan is the new regional co-chair. She has contacted people about joining the Tidewater task force and/or volunteering as surveyors, and she has several speaking opportunities set up. Bea has come up with a list of all the libraries and historical societies in my counties as a starting point. A student worker has gone through Southern School News/Southern Education Report to note every time one of Region 4’s counties was mentioned, and they’ll be using that in helping to educate our surveyors.
  • Region 6: Northern Virginia. Bob Vay has made contact with Dick Harrington, Archivist of Fairfax County. He is happy to work with us. Bob has contacted people from Prince William, but has not gotten as far. Bob has begun identifying George Mason University members who may have an interest in the project and plans to post on Mason’s history department listserv to see if students may be interested.

3. Outreach activities

  • DOVE has been nominated for the Society of American Archivists Philip M. Hamer and Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award
  • Presentation to the Library Advisory Council of SCHEV March 5th.
  • Presentation at the Virginia Library Association Paraprofessional Forum, May 17th.

4.  Training session

Attendees were trained in records surveying. Several issues were identified as needing further development. Bob Vay offered to create a surveying manual based on the training.

5.   Next general meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Charlottesville – May 19

There will also be an informal DOVE meeting at the Virginia Forum, tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 12:30.

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