DOVE Meeting Minutes November 16, 2009

Longwood University
Virginia Kinman Chairing

Attendance – Charles Ford (Washington & Lee), Larissa Smith Ferguson (Longwood), Aaron Purcell (Virginia Tech), Sherrie Bowser (Virginia Tech), Marc Brodsky (Virginia Tech), Lacy Ward, Jr. (R. R. Moton Museum), Brian Daugherity (VCU), Lucious Edwards (Virginia State University), Kelli Palmer (U.Va), Virginia Kinman (Longwood), Lydia Williams (Longwood), Jennifer McDaid (Library of Virginia), Emma Edmunds (U Va), Bob Vay (George Mason University), Sonia Yaco (ODU)


Update with Sonia – Jim Sweeney is leaving as Chairman. She suggested Brian Daugherity of VCU as Co-Chair of DOVE. There were no objections from those in attendance. She showed a Power Point presentation of the project summarizing progress to date.

Brochure – Brian Daugherity passed out a computer printed version of the new DOVE brochure. A PDF version of the full color brochure will be on DOVE website. The committee discussed the brochure, its layout, and construction. Full color version will be available. College of William and Mary is picking up the cost for this. We have a willing volunteer for the Eastern Shore but DOVE is still in need of a regional chair. Lucious will check with someone at University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, who might be able to help with it. Aaron Purcell asked about the materials at each of the participating institutions’ college/university records . Should we add this information to the brochure along with private and non-denominational K-12 schools? Because the brochure has already been printed, this change will have to be made in the next version.

Sonia discussed grants. Regarding Mellon grants, DOVE would need to be “invited” by them to apply. When contacted, Mellon said that they will not invite DOVE to apply. After some tweaks a grant will be ready for an NHPRC application next October (2010). She is also looking at a Virginia Foundation for the Humanities grant for training, expenses for the regional task forces, and archives management for private records holders such as the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy to preserve records found there. DOVE is considering a type of “archives tool kit” (acid free materials and handling instructions) for places that have records to help get them started.

The question of “What do we want from the grant?” arose. Several members brought up different aims such as: digitization, travel, or training. As grants are being prepared, we will need to each collect letters of commitment from our institutions from officials as far up the chain as possible (library director and up). Letters of support will be good to have as well. Lacy Ward will compose a draft letters of commitment to review by the next DOVE meeting.

We had a discussion about digitization and use of the DOVE records interface. We discussed whether or not the interface could be adapted to use digital objects created with grant money. The field entitled, “Relation” on the DOVE catalog should be renamed to make it clear that this is for the URL of an online catalog or a digital object. More discussion about digitization included the question: “How will our digitization grant be innovative or different?” – that granting agencies will ask. We decided it will be different because we will be working with local, higher-ed, and private agencies for one goal. No other state is doing a project like this. Perhaps a planning grant might be helpful just to help get started. There was discussion about the SHRAB course. The Prince Edward project should be a good prototype for the larger grant. Should digitization and preservation be added to DOVE’s stated goals?

Brian Daugherity– MLK Commission

Virginia’s Marin Luther King Jr. Commission has commemorated Brown v Bd., Massive Resistance, and now Desegregation (1958-1959). The Special Subcommittee on the 50th Anniversary of Public School Closings in Virginia will be holding town hall meetings in locations in Virginia where public schools were closed to prevent integration – Prince Edward, Charlottesville, Norfolk, etc, including Warren County (Tuesday, December 1 at 3 PM). Bob Vay will try to get to that. Trying to decide whether Prince Edward County will need to develop a new film or use existing ones as a teaching tool. Hoping to create a list of Virginians involved in desegregation and massive resistance. The King Commission gives grants (ask Brenda for details). We should do a grant application (they are offered in the $2,500-$7,500 range).

Regional News

Bob Vay reported nothing new for his regional task force but has made contacts with Fairfax and Prince William Counties for government records. Lucious has been focusing on private collections up until now. He will begin focus on public collections again. The Norfolk School Board meeting minutes from the mid-1960s to 1980s, thought to be lost have reappeared again. Charles Ford is constituting his committee for Hampton Roads in the fall.

Task Force Survey Methodology

Discussion continued as to how DOVE will conduct the surveys. Shall we use a region or locality as a model? Perhaps Prince Edward County might be best example for DOVE. What types of people will be best for canvassers? Definitely retired people, who have time and those who lived through this era, as they will have the experience, knowledge, and passion for this project. We will need to get K-12 teachers and retired teachers involved in order to package it as a classroom project. Good contacts are also tourism, economic development, historical societies and other local entities. Sonia went over all of the resources available on the DOVE website (survey, data dictionary, etc.)

Next Meeting

A conference call is set for regional task force members on Thursday, December 17 from 10-11 A.M. Chairs will discuss how we will proceed. Next general meeting will be late January at William & Mary. The meeting will have two parts: a training session and a general meeting. The training session will also serve as a dry run for training volunteers. We will then discuss the timeline of historical waypoints that we can use as a background document for our research that Charles Ford, Lucious Edwards and Larissa Ferguson will have created. Sonia will train us on how to do a records survey. In the general meeting portion we will discuss grant deadlines and letters of commitment.


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