DOVE Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2009

Virginia State University

Present: Dr. James Sweeney and Sonia Yaco, Co-chairs; Nicole Dressler, Old Dominion University; Jennifer McDaid, Library of Virginia; Virginia Kinman, Longwood; Jefferson Moak, NARA; Peggy McPhillips, Troy Valos, Norfolk Public Library; Charles H. Ford, Norfolk State University; Francine Archer, Brian Daugherity, Virginia Commonwealth University; Va. Department of Historic Resources; Lucious Edwards, Virginia State University; Derek Gray, Washington D.C. Public Library; Bea Hardy, Peter Jones, William and Mary

1. Status of Project – There are six regional task forces.
1. Tidewater Bea Hardy, Director of the Special Collections Research Center at the College of William and Mary
2. Valley of Virginia- Ted DeLaney, History Department, Washington and Lee
3. Eastern Shore and Southside – Lucious Edwards, Head of the Special Collections & Archives at Virginia State University
4. Northern Virginia – Derek Gray, Washington D.C. Public Library and Bob Vay, George Mason University
5. Southwest – chair needed
6. Piedmont – chair needed

2. Bea Hardy led discussion on regional task force methodology
1. Taskforces should try to have media representation because the media may have school desegregation material and so that they can help to publicize DOVE.
2. These task forces will survey libraries and archives – ideally a pair, a historian and an archivist.
3. Charles Ford will be writing a letter to give to repositories before we go visit them. The letter will list the topics DOVE seeks to document including the role of integration, segregationist groups, and busing in Virginia schools. A draft of the letter will be available at the next DOVE meeting.
4. There may be out-of-state repositories that hold Virginia records. Dove may need to send survey forms to these repositories instead of traveling to them.
5. Survey form design:
* First draft is completed and is available on the DOVE website.
* Those present agreed to ‘test drive’ the form on collections at their own institution and suggest changes to the form.
6. It was suggested that we use Google docs to keep track of which repositories have been surveyed
7. Among the groups to be contacted by taskforces are: scholars, reference archivists, historical societies (as a conduit to the public), churches (church bulletins), courthouses, teacher unions, realtors
8. Francine Archer will come up with a list of which counties are in which DOVE regions
9. Training surveyors. Because there will be different kinds of people doing surveying, training should be aimed at a variety of audiences. Possible training text and video online and in-class training, as well as on-site repository. Break into segments – 1) for people unfamiliar with the history of desegregation 2) for people unfamiliar with archives etc. Surveyors should be periodically re-trained to insure consistency. Maybe just retrain taskforce chairs.
10. Data entry will be done by regional taskforces so that they can do quality control on work done. ODU will do metadata cataloging.
11. Schedule of tasks – additions to DOVE timeline: Regional taskforces should be formed by September 1.

3. Peter Jones led a discussion about the content for a DOVE brochure. He and Brian Daugherity agreed to write the brochure this summer. Sonia Yaco will do the design and layout. Bea Hardy will pay to have 1000 copies printed at printer. A PDF file of the brochure will go on the DOVE web site so taskforces can print off more copies as needed. Send it throughout Virginia communities, possibly to community newspapers, the Chambers of Commerce, and other local organizations.

4. Catalog – A status flag should be added to the catalog – ready to be public, still under review, not yet cataloged, etc.

5. Charles Ford discussed possible grants for DOVE. Charles, Jennifer McDaid, Brian Daugherity and Sonia Yaco will work on the grants. We will address the development and progress of possible grants at the next meeting

6. Next meeting will be hosted by Bob Vay at George Mason University on Tuesday, July 14. We hope to include the Arlington Public Library in the meeting.
Agenda items for the next meeting :
* Brochure
* Grants
* Progress of regional task forces
* Geographical Boundaries
* Surveyor Form
* Letter to Repositories

Revised: 6/12/09

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