DOVE Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2009

Washington and Lee University

Present: Ted DeLaney, Katie Sinks and Victor Jackson, Washington and Lee University; Charles H. Ford, Norfolk State University; Peter Jones, William and Mary; Sonia Yaco, Old Dominion University – co-chair

Prevented from attending by snowstorm: Ervin L. Jordan, University of Virginia; Peter Wallenstein, Virginia Tech; Virginia Kinman and Lydia Williams, Longwood University; Jennifer Davis McDaid, Library of Virginia

1. An overview of the project was presented by Sonia Yaco. She also demonstrated the DOVE catalog.

2. Ted DeLaney volunteered to be the regional taskforce chair for Valley of Virginia. Katie will be working with him this summer on school desegregation research. We discussed who would have relevant material in Valley of Virginia. He mentioned several collections at W & L that should be added to the DOVE catalog. After the meeting, Sonia and Charles did a records survey of the W & L holdings on school desegregation. Ted will compile a list of known school board minutes and school administration files in western Virginia, including a list of individual schools desegregation histories in Botetourt school district. He also mentioned that all colleges in the state are likely to have files on their own desegregation process in Board of Trustees/Visitors minutes, presidents’ papers and other series. Student newspapers may or may not have covered this topic.

3. Interest was expressed in the development of an online help screen for the DOVE catalog.

4. The following stakeholder groups in Norfolk were suggested as potentially having school desegregation records: the Norfolk Academy, Bayview Baptist, Epworth Methodist and St. Paul’s.

5. The type of material should be included in the DOVE database was discussed. It is not intended to be a bibliography of secondary sources. However, self – published material not widely available should be included.

6. Future meetings:

a) Jim Sweeney and Sonia Yaco will be presenting on DOVE at the Virginia Forum, April 24-25.

b) For the May meeting, it was suggested that two items be posted on the DOVE web site so that they could be reviewed beforehand:

A draft of the records survey instrument that will be used by regional taskforces. Sonia Yaco created this and has published this here.

A proposed timeline for project. Tonia Graves and Sonia Yaco developed a draft timeline. It is published here.

c) The group suggested that regional taskforces meet in July rather than holding a centralized DOVE group meeting

Revised: 3/12/09

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