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State: WA

Past Residence: augusta, kennebec, me

School Years: My daughter went to a private school solely because the schools at Ft Belvoir were so bad. (For many years DoD had partnered with Fairfax County to run the elementary schools on post. But because of the resistance to desegregation, DoD took these schools back.) Please see continuation below.

Story: This story is different. In the mid-70s I was married & my husband was in the Army at Ft Belvoir, VA. Previously, DoD had contracted w/Fairfax County to run the post¬† elementary schools. I don’t know when DoD ‘took’ these schools away from Fairfax schools system, but when we came to Belvoir, DoD was running the schools & doing it badly–perhaps because DoD hadn’t the organization to do this effectively in this (and in other cases/locations in the south?). My younger daughter wasn’t a spectacular student, & we didn’t want her going to the Belvoir schools because of their lousy reputation. So she was enrolled in a local private (as I recall evangelical Baptist) school. Many years later I can say this was a big mistake. She took to the religion like a duck to water, I’m sorry to say, as I am a irreligious person. This has been a huge bone of contention between us. I know many children & parents of color faced much worse than we did but massive resistance affected us bysta¬† nders as well.

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