About the DOVE Project

DOVE --Desegregation of Virginia Education-- was created to find, catalog, and encourage the preservation of records that tell the story of Virginia's school desegregation process. Hosted by Old Dominion University Libraries, DOVE is a collaboration of universities, libraries, and community groups.

Tell your story

The missing pieces of Virginia's history puzzle are the thousands of untold stories of personal experiences with integration. While Virginia's role in the school desegregation struggle has been documented through public record, newspaper accounts and court documents, the real people who were affected have been left out.

From segregation to massive resistance to desegregation, they bore witness to emerging social change. Their stories help us to understand the enormity of the struggle that brought about that change.

Can you help us by telling your story? We are interested in the experiences of students, parents and educators in Virginia schools and colleges from the mid-1940s to mid-1980s.

Preserve history

Do you have papers, photographs, newspapers or audio-visual materials about school desegregation in Virginia? If you would like to donate this material, DOVE can direct you to an archive in your area that is dedicated to preserving this important history. Contact us.

Do you know a book or collection of papers that should be listed in the DOVE catalog? Let us know.


An online tutorial How to Conduct a Records Survey is available.

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