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Papers of W. B. Shafer, Jr.

Container Listing:

Series I: Projects, Issues, and Causes

Sub-series: A: Norfolk Boom and Boosting

Box 1

Folder 1: Norfolk Boom Maps
Folder 2: Norfolk Investments Maps
Folder 3: Boom Flyers and Postcards
Folder 4: More Boom Promotion
Folder 5: Letters Requesting Boom Maps (1959-1965)
Folder 6: Dallas Boom
Folder 7: Boosting the South - Other Cities
Folder 8: More Literature on the Economic Boom in the South
Folder 9: Letters, articles on Economic Success of the South
Folder 10: More Articles and Letters about the South
Folder 11: Newspaper Clippings: Norfolk Boom
Folder 12: Norfolk Booster Club
Folder 13: Booster Club - Resolutions
Folder 14: Virginia & Carolina Booster Club Directors
Folder 15: Military Circle
Folder 16: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Promotional Material
Folder 17: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Articles and Letters I
Folder 18: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Articles and Letters II
Folder 19: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Boom Flyers/Maps
Folder 20: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel - Newspaper Clippings
Folder 21: Virginia Highways
Folder 22: Dismal Swamp
Folder 23: Dismal Swamp Industrial Canal Committee, Inc. I
Folder 24: Dismal Swamp Industrial Canal Committee, Inc. II

Sub-series B: Real Estate and Investing

Box 2

Folder 1: Real Estate
Folder 2: Real Estate - Promotional Material
Folder 3: Real Estate - Correspondence (1956-1970)
Folder 4: Letters from Huckins Hotel, 1969 Oklahoma City, Okla.
Folder 5: Real Estate Deeds and Contracts (1959-60, 1965, 1976)
Folder 6: Webb-Shafer Contract (1962)
Folder 7: W. b. Shafer Purchase of Matilda Bell (1947-48)
Folder 8: Purchase of Council (1947)
Folder 9: Sale of Property to Andrew Holding Corporation (1956)
Folder 10: Real Estate - Survey Maps
Folder 11: Greater Norfolk Investors
Folder 12: Virginia & Carolina Investors Corporation
Folder 13: Investment Corporations, Realty, Sales Companies
Folder 14: Tidewater Association of Home Builders
Folder 15: Railroad Companies
Folder 16: Steel Plant
Folder 17: Big Town & Other Shopping Centers
Folder 18: Virginia Real Estate Directory - Bulletin, April 1939 Licensed
Folder 19: Industrial Directory 196061 TVDC

Sub-series C: Political Issues

Box 3

Folder 1: Potatoes and Produce
Folder 2: Shafer Peace Plan
Folder 3: Shafer Prosperity Plan
Folder 4: Peace Temple at Cape Henry
Folder 5: Religious Reformation
Folder 6: Engrossed House Concurrent Resolution No. 1004
Folder 7: Vietnam
Folder 8: 50 Million Dollar Bond Issue
Folder 9: Employment for War Veterans
Folder 10: Loyalty Celebration for Veterans in Congress
Folder 11: Veterans Appeal Board
Folder 12: V.F.W.
Folder 13: Preliminary Non-Partisan Veterans Committee
Folder 14: Increase in Gasoline Price
Folder 15: Abortion
Folder 16: Race Relations
Folder 17: Sex, Drugs, Communism in Schools
Folder 18: Hippy Communism
Folder 19: AFL CIO \ Unions
Folder 20: Cooperators for Constitutional Money
Folder 21: Norfolk News Monopoly
Folder 22: Tenn. Firm To Stop P.M. Paper Feb. 25, 1970
Folder 23: Norfolk Gardens
Folder 24: Art Museum at Military Circle
Folder 25: Letters to Editors (1976-78)
Folder 26: Poll Tax, Water Plant, News Clippings
Folder 27: Newspaper Clippings

Sub-series D: Politics

Folder 28: Shafer for Norfolk City Council (1966)
Folder 29: Shafer on Democratic Ticket (1944)
Folder 30: Norfolk City Council
Folder 31: Norfolk City Council -- Corruption
Folder 32: Norfolk Counties and Cities. All Cities in VA. (1956-62, 1970-71)
Folder 33: Cities, Administration Department Letters. Out-of-State Cities, States (1956-
Folder 34: Letters from VA Governor's Office (1956-1976)
Folder 35: Virginia Legislative Directory (1977-1981)
Folder 36: Letters From State of North Carolina (1956-1964, 1976)

Box 4

Folder 1: Letters from Executive Dept. and Head Officers (1939-1977)
Folder 2: Watergate
Folder 3: Newspaper Clippings: Watergate Scandal
Folder 4: Watergate, Mafia Involvement in the Government
Folder 5: 1976 Election
Folder 6: Resolution: 1976 Convention Republican Party Heading for Deadlock
Folder 7: Billion Dollar Bi-Partisan Mafia (1977)
Folder 8: The Reform That Wasn't, Feb. 14, 1977
Folder 9: Support for Candidates (1944, 1956, 1974, 1977)
Folder 10: President Lyndon B. Johnson
Folder 11: President Richard Nixon
Folder 12: President Gerald Ford
Folder 13: President Jimmy Carter
Folder 14: India Warmth For Carter Kin, Feb. 14, 1977
Folder 15: Ronald Reagan (1980)
Folder 16: Press Conference with Ronald Reagan, Nov. 20, 1975
Folder 17: Letters from Congress of the United States Part I (1950's)
Folder 18: Letters from Congress of the United States Part II (1960's)
Folder 19: Letters from Congress of the United States Part II (1970's)
Folder 20: Letters from United States Senate Part I (1950's)
Folder 21: Letters from United States Senate Part II (1960's-1970's)
Folder 22: Victor Wickersham (1965-69)
Folder 23: Lloyd Bentsen (1975-76)
Folder 24: Senator A.J. Gronna Funeral (1966)
Folder 25: Senate, House, Governor Listings
Folder 26: Misc. Political

Series II: Philanthropy and Religious Charities

Box 5

Folder 1: The W. b. Shafer Award Competition Contest (1969-70)
Folder 2: Jerry Falwell urging others to donate to keep the Old Time Gospel Hour on the
Air (1978-81)
Folder 3: Religious Reformations by Jerry Falwell: Cleaning Up America (1978-80)
Folder 4: Liberty Baptist College Needs Monetary Aid To Keep Functioning (1978-81)
Folder 5: Jerry Falwell Requesting Money To Keep Mercy Ship Alive. Missionary
Society (1978-81)
Folder 6: Religious Organizations and Churches
Folder 7: Virginia Wesleyan College (1971-78)
Folder 8: Liberty Baptist College & Other Universities
Folder 9: Norfolk Academy
Folder 10: Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

Series III: Correspondence

Box 6

Folder 1: Banks and Corporation (1956-64)
Folder 2: Letters from Kellam and Kellam Attorneys and Counselors at Law (1956-66)
Folder 3: Kellam, Pickrell & Lawler Attorneys and Counselors at Law (1970-81)
Folder 4: Attorneys at Law, Other Letters from Law Counselors (1957-79)
Folder 5: Luncheon Invitations March 2, 1970
Folder 6: Personal Letters and Papers to Shafer (1956-79)
Folder 7: Letters of Sympathy to Shafer Regarding His Health
Folder 8: Holiday Cards, Sympathy and Thank You Cards
Folder 9: Blank Stationary
Folder 10: Shafer Mailing Labels
Folder 11: Greeting Cards I
Folder 12: Greeting Cards II
Folder 13: Blank Western Union Telegram & Postal Forms

Series IV: Books, Essays, and Other Publications

Sub-Series A: Essays/Newsletters

Box 7
Folder 1: Essays by Shafer
Folder 2: Article: They Think You Are Too Dumb To Run Virginia
Folder 3: The Hazards of Standing Up for Pariahs, Feb. 20, 1970
Folder 4: Norfolk News Monopoly Slants the News Against Mr. Shafer, Nov. 13, 1969
Folder 5: Million Dollar Peace-Prayer Temple for Cape Henry Will Double Our Exports
Folder 6: Biggest Booster Recognized, Nov. 13, 1969
Folder 7: Shafer Newsletters
Folder 8: (WIWA) What is Wrecking America Drafted from God
Folder 9: History About Virginia and Carolina

Sub-Series B: Shafer's Books

Folder 10: Shafer Book Publicity
Folder 11: Requests for Book Submissions
Folder 12: Requests for Shafer's Books
Folder 13: Book Publishers
Folder 14: Pages from Shafer's Books
Folder 15: Draft of Book: How to Make a Fortune Quickly & Honestly Part I
Folder 16: Draft of Book: How to Make a Fortune Quickly & Honestly Part II
Folder 17: Book: How to Make a Fortune Quickly & Honestly
Folder 18: Shafer Books: Investment Success & Happiness, How to Make a Fortune
Folder 19: 3 Books That Made the South and 1000 Millionaires & 10 Billionaires

Box 8

Folder 1: 2nd Copy of "Three Books That Made the South & 1000 Millionaires & 10
Billionaires by Shafer
Folder 2: Book "Go South Young Man Go South Where God Still Lives" by Shafer
Folder 3: Book: Washington & the New Economic South

Sub-Series C: Newspapers and Magazines

Folder 4: Newspaper Articles from the Spotlight Part I
Folder 5: Newspaper Articles from the Spotlight Part II
Folder 6: Newspaper Articles from the Spotlight Part III
Folder 7: Navy Newspaper
Folder 8: Navy News
Folder 9: World Ports and Marine News, Dec. 1964
Folder 10: Human Potential Published by the Ambassador International Cultural
Foundation March/April 1976

Box 9

Folder 1: Virginia Veteran Official Publication of the Veterans of Foreign wars
Of the United States, Volume XXIV
Folder 2: Bible Advocate May 79, National Real Estate Investor
Folder 3: Virginia Veteran
Folder 4: Magazines: World Ports Marine News, Jan. 1964. The National Real Estate
Investor, March 1960. Houston … Regional Business News Magazine,
Nov. 1964. Bank of the Southwest Annual Report 1963

Sub-Series D: Advertising

Folder 5: Printing
Folder 6: The Spotlight Newspaper
Folder 7: Classified Ads from the Spotlight. Newspaper Classified Ads on Gasoline
And Oil Price.
Folder 8: Newspaper Ads
Folder 9: Newspapers and Magazines
Folder 10: Radio and TV

Series V: Miscellaneous

Folder 11: Hot Springs
Folder 12: Last Will and Testament
Folder 13: Shafer Photographs
Folder 14: Income Tax
Folder 15: Misc. Receipts and Warranties
Folder 16: Weil-McLain Model 45 CU-1 Flame Retention Oil Burner, Start Up,
Service and Maintenance Manual
Folder 17: Automobile Related
Folder 18: Psychics
Folder 19: Auto-Ramic Banking
Folder 20: Business Cards
Folder 21: Misc. Notes
Folder 22: Misc. - Booklets
Folder 23: Misc. - Articles
Folder 24: Misc. & Untitled Contact Lists
Folder 25: Misc.
Folder 26: What's My Line?
Folder 27: Coupons, Stamps, & Products

Box 10

Series VI: Artifacts

Item 1: "Thomas Road Tape Ministry" by Jerry Falwell Audiocassette
Item 2: Complimentary Refill for your Pallottine Pen
Item 4: "Easy Do" Remote Switch
Item 5: "Wm. Crooks-Minnesota Pioneer" limited run lithograph

Revised: 7/14/08