James, Ruth
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November 5, 1982

Oral History Collection--Norfolk Women's History

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Subject 1
Massive resistance
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Norfolk -- 1950s
Subject 3
Race relations
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Women's Council for Interracial Cooperation
Subject a
School desegregation -- Norfolk, Va
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ODU Service
1930 - first woman to attend Norfolk Division; 1970s - graduate student in Education
Interviewee Birth/Death
b. 10/13/1912 (Chesapeake, VA); d. October 7, 1997 (Norfolk, VA)
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Ruth James was an advocate for school desegregation in the late 1950s when Norfolk closed its public shcools because of massive resistance laws. She and her family were the lead litigants in a law suit that re-opened and desegregated the schools. James was also the first female student enrolled in the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, now Old Dominion University. See obituary from The Virginian-Pilot.
Interview Summary
The interview discusses her background and involvement with the school desegregation crisis in Norfolk, Virginia.    
Mary Pelham White
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Old Dominion University student in History 495/595, Dr. Dorothy Johnson
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