Jones, Dorothy M.

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August 23, 1983


Oral History Collection

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Subject 1
Old Dominion University History -- 1950s, 1960s, 1970s,
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School of Business Administration
Subject 3
Distributive Education
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local business collaborations
Subject b
the ODU Chapter of the American Marketing Association
Subject c
her book Step Back, Please.
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ODU Service
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Dr. Dorothy M. Jones, an Emeritus Professor in the School of Business Administration, served ODU from 1954-1976.
Interview Summary
In addition to discussing her background and developments in the School of Business, she discusses her views on sexual discrimination, distributive education and merchandising, local business collaborations, the ODU Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and her book Step Back, Please.
James R. Sweeney
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Old Dominion University Archivist
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