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An Introduction to Google Maps and Georeferencing
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Collection Localities of Puya

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The Boston College Guide to Ulysses

Google Earth Science
A selection of Google Earth kmz files related to geology and physics. This site is maintained by Declan De Paor, who has other Google Earth related projects on his website

Plane Finder

Wikipedia Vision
A real time display of locations of anonymous updates to Wikipedia.

Google Maps Mania
A blog that records examples of novel Google Maps projects.

Create your Own Google Map

Link to PDF Handout
This handout will describe the step by step process of creating a basic Google Map.

Google Maps Help
Google's help page for Google Maps.

Other Applications for Mobile GPS

Enabling/Disabling Geotagging on Smartphones
You can configure most Smartphones to log GPS data for your pictures. This site tells you how to disable the feature (for privacy reasons) but you can use the same instructions to enable the feature.

Foursquare and Social Networking Sites
Many social networking sites allow you to post your location in order to meet up with friends. They also allow you to share places you like.

Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunting activity. Using GPS enabled devices, players mark locations and hide caches for other players to find. It can be a great way to explore places you might miss otherwise. There are several Geocaching sites, but the largest is geocaching.com

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