Giving to the Old Dominion University Libraries
  The University Libraries

The University Libraries promote the instructional, research and public service goals of the university community through the expert provision of information from book, journal and digital collections.

Collections - retrospective and current, old and new materials, traditional and non-traditional sources, print and digital - all come together in the University Libraries as both a physical and Web presence. Collections are the essence of the research library.

An intellectually engaged staff provides high-level services. Just as books will always be a critical part of a library's resources, a Google search will never replace a librarian. Think of a librarian as the ultimate search engine: providing access to the ever increasing range of resources and services, quality instruction, new and current technology.

Academic librarians answer 97 million reference questions each year - almost three times the attendance at college football games.

Perry Library Second Floor Atrium

Old Dominion University has a significant investment in the University Libraries. Now is the time to sustain and enhance that investment to support this major research institution. Requirements for increased professional knowledge and technological expertise are occurring at the same time additional staffing levels are needed to provide innovative services to library users.

The University Library Endowment will build financial support to sustain and supplement the collections. Support of key electronic resources is critical to the curriculum and research needs of the university. Journal collections will be maintained and enhanced with new and timely resources. Investments will be made in the research collections to support faculty research and student learning. The endowment will make possible the recruitment and retention of quality research faculty and students through the acquisition of these research collections.

Visionary universities and colleges are investing in their future by funding new library construction and renovations.

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